There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Julia Dordoni | Live Wedding Painter

The most important factor to the success of my brand is that I offer a unique, timeless product that touches the hearts of others. Read more>>

Brooke Mitchell-Norman | Conservation Biologist & Podcast Host

When I first decided to create the Rewildology Podcast and brand, I knew that I could not compromise on quality. Being a conservation biologist and having no background in business strategy didn’t excuse me from building the best brand that I could. I spent three months before the show’s launch learning as much as possible – brand colors, social media strategies, logo creation, website building, and business naming (all the while learning how to create a high-quality podcast). I asked myself every day, “What special element can I add that will incline listeners to click on the show and come back over and over? Read more>>

Kara Pado | Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

I think, for our brand specifically, how much we believe in our products and how much research and effort we put into developing our brand has really been the most important factor in the success of our company. We both spend hours and hours on end reading about the science behind nutrition and ways to incorporate natural foods into pets’ diets. Using this in feeding our own dog, Angela, has allowed us to show firsthand the benefits it can produce, not only in her physical health, but also her emotional health and day-to-day behavior. We have been able to use science and nutrition to be able to show our customers what better quality treats are capable of, bringing them to believe in our brand as much as we do. Read more>>

Dreamscape ASMR “Dream” | YouTube Content Creator

I think the key to success in any creative field is to completely stand out from everyone else in a particular niche. People naturally gravitate to originality and vulnerability. Blending in with the crowd and following trends is the quickest way to burn out. I have been able to push through the low moments along my journey only because I was creating content that felt natural to me. I enjoy my process so much that the views, criticism, and initial lack of success didn’t stand in my way. Read more>>

Michael Beseda | Restaurant Owner

If you have to boil down Castaways Cove to a single variable, I would say it’s hospitality. Our team is driven to provide great experiences and while we can teach knowledge or train techniques we can’t teach people to care for others. We have been very lucky to be able to hire people that come from that place of caring and I think it really set us apart. Read more>>

Danielle Uhl | Event & Branding Photographer

The most important factor behind the success of my business was identifying a clear niche and understanding why my business and brand has something unique but needed to offer. Let’s be honest, technology is making it easy to take great photos with our phones and anyone can claim they are a photographer. When I started my business over 8 years ago, I started photographing everything I could, which helped me decide what I liked best and what I didn’t like. Through this process, I uncovered my strengths and what I felt most excited to shoot. Then, combining that with my education and background, I was able to carve out a unique and needed niche for myself in my industry that helped set my brand apart from the competition. Read more>>

Tyler Vrtiska | Gaming Video Creator

One of the most important factor’s behind the success of our business has to be our friends and family. Grease Monkey Gaming wouldn’t be where it’s at today without them! We wouldn’t have content and all the memories of laughing, joking, getting mad, and rage quitting for that perfect clip! Most importantly we wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for YOU! the community. without you guys were nothing. We couldn’t continue to build and make more videos without the support from our awesome community! Read more>>

James Gilliam | Automotive Influencer

For me it comes down to being passionate about what I’m doing. The passion is what keeps me consistent and it’s also what keeps me growing and getting better. Read more>>

Vivian McCormick | Holistic Esthetician

A big part of my success is the constant pursuit of the success itself. I’ve had real discouraging times in the last 5 years but I’ve always pushed through with keeping my goal in mind. While everyone else has been traveling and getting to do the normals thing people in their 20s do, I have been nose down focused on my career. We all have a path and I just knew a business is what I wanted. Read more>>