There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Ana Maria Duplat | Founder, CEO & Design Director

I believe what makes Minibambini a successful brand is that we create personalized spaces for each child. We consider every aspect, from the space available in the room, to what the family wants and needs. But perhaps the most important aspect of all. Is to design the project with the children in mind, so they feel that the space has been created especially for them. A place that they can identify with. Read more>>

Cory Breth | Singer-songwriter

I think the most important factor has been collaboration/teamwork. From co-writing to making music videos to photography road trips, my career has always benefited from bringing other people in. Community is such an important piece of what I do. My latest full-length album was completely crowdfunded, I was blown away by the community who was willing to sow into my project financially. That allowed me to create the entire project, I couldn’t have done any of it without that community. Read more>>

Callie Saldana | Wedding & Couple Photographer

The most important factor behind my and my brand’s success is built around the relationships that come from working in this industry. The amount of wonderful friendships I’ve gained in the years of helping them celebrate milestones in their lives has easily shown me that the best part of what I do is not based around monetary success, but the amount of love I’ve given and received from the many people that have come to share their endlessly beautiful moments with me. Read more>>

Lydia White & Caitlin Roberts | Co-CEOs and Interior Design Collaborators

Caitlin: I have to admit that having a business partner is the biggest factor in our success. Everyone benefits from collaborative exchange, first and foremost, and having an external dialogue for problem solving has been the most beneficial approach to business. People choose to do so many difficult things in life with support systems and partners, like parenting or navigating getting a mortgage, but assume that entrepreneurism should be a solo venture. Read more>>

Leo Perrucci | Martial Arts Academy Owner and Head Instructor

For my School it’s the community we’ve built, everyone trains together, our beginners are right there alongside our professionals. Our pros and amateur fighters help with our youth program, everyone has a hand in building up our team. As far as our competition team goes, the most important factor behind my gym’s success is our willingness to seek the most challenging fights we can take. I’ve never taken easy fights for any of my students, we take risks and put ourselves out there. Win, lose, or draw we always preform. My academy has a reputation now for putting out some of the most ferocious competitors in the nation. Read more>>

David Rhine | Chief Technology Officer | Co-founder

Customer care. As outdoors enthusiasts ourselves we do all we can to make sure our members have the best and safest hunting and fishing experiences possible. We’re a small team but we make sure to be available to our landowners and members 24/7 and work with hunters and anglers to find properties that will best ensure they have a successful trip. For landowners, listing your land takes an incredible amount of trust and we take that very seriously, providing complete control of scheduling and transparency of who will be using their land. Read more>>

Jason Evenson | President of the Greeley Creative District Board of Directors

The success of the Greeley Creative District is in the talents within our community. Our creatives sit on our board, they fuel our businesses, draw in new residents, and power our economy. Our mission is to support and elevate their projects, talents, and efforts which is both challenging and rewarding. Of course we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our sponsors and patrons, through several annual fundraisers every year. Read more>>

Elliot Hare | Founder

Our competitive advantage is that #TreadmillLife is about encouraging people that are working hard to overcome challenges within their own lives. It is a support movement carried by women’s fitness apparel. It’s development was encouraged by my recovery from a severe Traumatic Brain Injury and inspiring recovery is the most important factor behind the brand. Read more>>

Kassandra Dominguez | Writer, Creative, & Student

Growth. To be honest, I don’t believe I have “succeeded” because I’m not finished. I have changed my direction more times than I can recall and I am positive I will do it countless more times. That’s kind of the whole purpose of my brand. I started writing a mom-blog when I had my oldest. I called it “Gypsy Mama” and began creating under that name for some time. I struggled to find my “niche” for a while because I wanted to do it all (hence why I thought the name was fitting at the time). Read more>>

Josh Schlossberg | Author, Editor, and Publisher

The most important factor in Denver Horror Collective’s success is obviously the fact that all dues-paying members must sign over their immortal souls to the organization, which ultimately lends itself to a tight-knit group. Aside from that, I’d say having a common connection to the Colorado landscape and culture has been invaluable, along with most of us living close enough where we can see each other in person (though the pandemic has put a damper on that). Read more>>

Angela Bernard | Passionate cosmetologist & Lover of outdoors

I feel like one of the most important factors behind the success of my brand is always being true to who I am. Always being as honest and real as I can possibly be. When are you are your true authentic self life seems to fall in place, creativity flows through your fingers, And success is made! Read more>>