There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others.  We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Alex Winningham | doTERRA Wellness Advocate & Podcast Host

The most important factor, for me, is staying focused on others. When turning inward and focusing on what’s in it for me, things usually go downhill… fast. When I ask myself, how is what I am doing helping others? How can I show up for the person in front of me and connect them with resources? Then, success is easy and enjoyable. Read more>>

Melanie Ellison | Birth Doula, Baby Nanny, Photographer

As a lifelong self-employed entrepreneur, I have learned the secret of multiple income streams and stacking them. Over the last 10 years I have gradually worked towards (and now arrived at) living the work life of my dreams. I’ve always loved babies, so that is the hub of my work, and stemming out from there I am a Certified Birth Doula, a lactation counselor, a baby nanny (for some of the babies who I helped bring into the world), and a birth and newborn photographer (and I teach cello lessons on the side — the one thing that doesn’t fit the hub).Stacking income streams is an excellent way to achieve success as an entrepreneur. When one income  stream temporarily pulls back, others can take the place. Businesses are able to fluctuate in a healthy way without the business owner experiencing stress. Also, finding a way to layer businesses maximizes one’s time. Time is a constant. There’s a limited amount of it. So layering work within that constraint is a way to break outside the limits of time. Read more>>

Lacey & Bella (Loop & Boop) | Joy makers

We believe that bringing joy to others is one of the most important things than anyone can do. It is this love of spreading joy and happiness that is the main factor in our success. We truly love making baskets and special gifts for others. Taking time to think about what will make each gift special and how the recipient will feel when they receive it keeps us moving forward! Knowing that our gifts represent the love someone has for another person is incredibly special. We have such love for each other as best friends and we know how great sharing joy with each other is and we put that love into every gift we make!. Read more>>

Sofia & Kassi Beer | Co-owners, Denver Picnic Co.

The success of our brand is dependent on meticulous attention to detail. And not just the visual details of our picnic experiences, which is definitely part of it, but thoughtfully choosing our vendors, locations, and retail products as well. The details are in the table settings, sure, but also in carefully choosing great locations and add-ons for our customers so that they are given an unforgettable experience. It is our determination to only work with the best local vendors in Denver that ultimately set our picnics apart and we pride ourselves in excellent customer relations, too. Our brand shines because we are unapologetically dedicated to our awesome city and our customers -whether they live here or are only visiting. Read more>>

Charlie Stewart | Founder & Synergist

Persistence is our number one reason for success. It was very important that we did the math to make sure the model worked, however being persistent and keeping on working was the harder part and more important. Persistence for us means working through the weekend, finding a way to do it ourselves when other ways don’t work. We could definitely have grown faster with other help, but we were able to mitigate the risk of relying on others by trusting that with persistence we will figure it out. Read more>>

Michele Castro | Brazilian Singer & Guitarist

I sing Brazilian music, which is in Portuguese and the majority of my audience here in the U.S. is English speaking. My focus has never been on what the audience would think about me: how I looked or how I was singing. I was never worried about what they thought of me. But I am very connected to myself and my truth, and the most important thing for me and what drives my music is how I connect to people through feelings and emotions through my music. I don’t think I am reaching out to them as much as they are plugging into the feelings I’m putting out and ultimately, we connect that way. I transmit my feelings through my music but it is not about their interpretation that drives me. I just want them to FEEL what I’m feeling and you don’t always need language for that. Most of the people who come talk to me after a show here in the U.S. say the same thing. I don’t understand the words you sang, but I completely feel what you were trying to express. I am true to what I feel and try my best to transmit that to others. That’s success to me. Read more>>

Amy Ciarlelli | Owner/Photographer

For me, a majority of my business comes from word of mouth. Ensuring that I build a positive relationship with each client is so important, especially when working with expectant moms and newborns. I try my best to make sure parents are comfortable with me handling their little ones. Taking the time to answer questions, ensuring that expectations are met, using posing safety during the session, and then finally sending over beautiful images! On the headshot/branding side, it is so important to make sure that I represent the client! I certainly have a style and image that I am trying to achieve, but at the end of the day, it needs to represent the business. Read more>>

Victor Teran | Master Instructor Trainer

There are several factors that has made my business/brand very successful. I believe the Marine Corps has instilled and reinforced mental, physical and spiritual discipline. I put 100% in everything that I do, and care for my students and their well-being. I am a firm believer that anyone under my school, should have the proper training. I dedicate my time to ensure everyone is learning and putting it into practice.One way to know my students are doing well, is by attending local, regional and National  competitions. It reinforces and gives parents the confidence that their child is learning and on the right track. There’s a lot of businesses who always worry about the “competition”, in this case similar businesses. I personally, do not worry about others, and usually never categorize my academy as a business. But if you produce a good quality product, then people will notice and will want it. Read more>>

Carmen Morales | Photographer

I think one of the biggest factors of our success as a photography business is we put our personal touch on every session. The majority of our clients come to us via word of mouth, so as a result we depend a lot on our clients having a positive experience and passing that along to their friends. We are capturing these families most precious moments, we want them to have a great time with us, and enjoy their session so it can be captured in their pictures. Read more>>

Ian Fohrman | Writer, Director, Photographer, and Partner at The Public Works

The first step is properly calibrating the definition and metrics of “success”. Success is too often defined and measured based on a KPI, ROI, or the bottom line on spreadsheet. The myriad factors that lead to human flourishing and a life worth living – community, beauty, art, connection – are too often omitted from the conversation. This is true in personal life, business, and at the societal level. Of course it’s important to make enough money to support ourselves and our team, to compensate people fairly, to do good work, and pay the bills, but our real goal has always been to create something that is fulfilling and worthwhile for our team and our clients– a place where people are proud to put their energy toward creating work that deserves to exist in the world. Read more>>

Stefan Geissbühler | Artist

When you put your heart and soul into your work, how can you go wrong? The love of creating art, from the initial spark of inspiration to the finished piece, is a journey that is magical to me, but it is not always easy! When working to make a living as a full-time, established artist, outside influences that try to steer me away from my inner voice and vision can be very tempting. I avoid that as much as I possibly can. Art to me is a way to communicate my hopes, love, wishes, dreams, emotions, philosophy, life experience and ideas. For me, my work is only truly meaningful when I can express all of these things through my art. Art is about the connection. My greatest sense of success comes from witnessing a palpable connection and in inaudible conversation between a viewer and one of my paintings. Read more>>

Trent Johnson | Chief Vision Officer & Hat Maker

The most important factor behind my success is knowing what “I” am good at and surrounding my self with talented people that have different strengths. I could “do everything”, but that isn’t the best use of my time. As for our brand becoming successful, listening is key. The two main factors that have gotten us this far are quality and customer service. By listening to our customers, both wholesale and retail, we are able to see upcoming trends in styles, and colors. Because we are a smaller company we are able to shift production, design, and direction quicker. Read more>>

Sixman | FAM ENT owner/Artist

The most important factor of my brand is the number 6. My name is Sixman which I got from being born with 6 fingers, of course it’s gone but it truly is who I am. I am my brand. My success has carried me to play across countries with the name. Being able to stand next to legends and them be my peers has been one of my greatest successes. Read more>>

Lisa Dimino White | Author, Speaker, and Certified Professional Coach

The most important factor behind my success is my belief that most people are pretty darn great and just can’t see their awesomeness because they focus too much on their shortcomings, what they lack, and what other people can do better than they can. They assume that they’re “nothing special” and think that others can do what they can do. My mission is to hold a newly-designed mirror in front of them so they can see themselves for the amazing humans that they are, and remind them that they can have a huge influence on making others to feel happier too!. Read more>>

Kurt Eichenberger | Executive Chef

As a chef I believe that my staff is that backbone of the business. We as managers can’t do it all ourselves. I empower my staff to make decisions and be involved in the business. Our success can be seen in the happiness and creativity of our staff. I am full of pride when one of my cooks makes a special and it sells out and gets great feedback from the guests. Read more>>