A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Mindy Green | Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Esthetician, Author

My career was inspired by nature and I can’t say that it was all that intentional in the beginning. I inched my way in via my personal interests and found myself at the forefront of a movement of natural healing, organics and an early awareness of our ecosystem. I also stumbled my way into various jobs throughout my career that involved the depths and the fringes of the natural world. Whether it was as an herbalist, aromatherapist, researcher, esthetician, author, lecturer, a couple of stints with non-profit organizations or my time in R & D for a large cosmetics manufacturer, my path has always kept me connected to nature and plants in some way, often writing or educating others about them. In my lifelong quest for optimal health my personal trail led me in directions I could not have dreamed of… mostly because many of my jobs were in arenas that never existed before I worked there. Read more>>

Devin Riggins | American Electronic Music Artist

First I want to say thanks again for having me on VoyageDenver. I loved our previous interview and they always get me thinking deeply about my goals and the objectives behind my work. My electronic music project is heavily inspired by nature and many of the stories I portray through the songs, associated art, or videos, is nature centered. I’m super passionate about anthropogenic climate change and sustainability and I like to speak to that a bit in my music. For example, I recently put out my most recent song Currents (feat. Jaime Deraz). This song is the first of my forthcoming EP, Open Waters. The visuals of Open Waters EP often show someone stranded out at sea. If you dive deeper (no pun intended) into the lyrics and music, the imagery and lyrics are always metaphorical and center around this visual. Many of the messages to be extracted there, for me at least, are about solidarity, vulnerability, loss, and natural wonder. Read more>>

Branwen Cole | Owner – On The Wall Design

I’m truly inspired by the people that surround me. While I consider myself a go-getter I can honestly say I’m not self motivated, which puzzles me sometimes. I think the only good thing, is that I’m able to recognize that inner quality, and then surround myself with positive and inspirational people. Read more>>

Shawnie Hamer | Founder of collective.aporia /// Sarah Richards Graba | Workshop Lead & Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Coordinator

Sarah Richards Graba: So many things. Rain. Justice. Magic. Art. The roots of plants. Music. A bit of overheard dialogue. The color green. A friend. An obsession. Shawnie Hamer: There are a lot of things that inspire me, but I think my number one is community. To be a part of a (creative) community is such a gift in so many ways. It creates space for acceptance and love while simultaneously asking us to sit with and expand upon discomfort. I find myself constantly drawn to this oscillation–and the evolution it provides–in my writing and work. Read more>>

Anna Roberson | Event / Wedding Planner

Other female business owners of color! When I see women, who are taking over genres that weren’t meant for us, excelling in businesses that we’re never created for us, creating avenues for future women that look like us is completely inspiring to me. When we support each other, then we are all winning! We all must work twice as hard to get to where we are and I love a woman who is about her spiritual life, family, business, and wellbeing!! I’m Inspired by women like that and it keeps me motivated and moving forward! Second, my husband James has been a business owner almost his entire adult life. He has had one job as a teenager and that was it. He knew he wanted to be his own boss and he has built his brand from the ground up and is completely thriving! Now he owns his music production company and a record label with some amazing artists and so many new ventures to come. He is constantly in grind mode and I feed off that energy daily! Talk about my own daily dose of inspiration!. Read more>>