A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Mike Youtz | Graphic Designer & Product Photographer

I’m inspired by the responsibility I feel to my customers when they put their trust in me to communicate their brands to their customers. The feeling I get from that honor makes me want to knock it out of the park for them. I’m also inspired by being a mountain biker for decades–I use the feeling of the unrelenting effort it takes to crank steadily up a tough mountain trail and channel it to dig a little deeper to create the most compelling designs I can for them. For me, design is a sport. Schmaltzy, but true. Read more>>

Joanna Stein | Private chef event planner and in-home experience expert

I am inspired by my special need son I want to create a safe environments where he can grown and learn from . Read more>>

Lisa Hatchadoorian | Museum Director

Innovative, out of the box thinking within an already existing structure. One example of this is how we think about public art. Historically it has been monument focused and static structure focused as well as more passive in how viewers see the art. Read more>>

Rachelle Fisher | Creator & Entrepreneur

I am inspired by people who pursue, trust, and develop their unique gifts without allowing our world and society to define who they are or how they should be. As a woman, mom, wife, and entrepreneur there is so much pressure to fulfill each role in a particular way. Read more>>