Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Su Wang | Artist

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, I began doing traditional art again, something I studied in my childhood. My family always said, “You’re artistically talented. You should be an artist.” I thought they were funny. Many people can do art, and everyone wants to be an artist. It sounded like a dream. Read more>> 

Rachna Rawat | Ayurvedic practitioner

There are many chais in the market but nothing like Hanuman Chai. Authentic, Ayurvedic and Organic There is no other chai like Hanuman. Read more>>

Juliana Knopp | Owner, Baker, Marketing, and Everything In-between

Canine Candy Biscuits started after a trip to the local pet supply store. After looking at the back label of a bag of dog treats, I couldn’t read half the ingredients and these where the “high end” treats costing an arm and a leg. Why? Read more>>

Andrew Mckinney | Auto Detailing Expert

My business originally started due to the need for a SUV, after moving to Colorado. My current daily driver is a dodge challenger. Coming from Virginia Beach, snow is never an issue, so its easy to drive a car like that daily. Once I arrived in Colorado and all the advice I got from friends and coworkers, I decided to get a second vehicle. Read more>>

Melissa Cheshire | Owner of Niyama Mountain Retreat

I spent a good portion of my college career studying anatomy and physiology but in my senior year I realized that my life long dream of being a doctor had faded. Read more>>

Jessica Highstreet | REshape Board Member and Poet

I began working as a resource coordinator for adults with disabilities in May 2018. Sitting behind me at orientation on my first day was Jamie Williams. I couldn’t have known then how this outgoing, confident woman would influence my life. Read more>>