Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Erin Horvath | Owner of Evelyn & May

Evelyn was my grandmother and May was my great aunt (Evelyn’s sister)—both grew up on a farm in Northern Wisconsin. They loved canning fresh garden produce, crocheting blankets for family and friends, and helping out on the dairy farm. I wanted to carry on the family tradition of making things from scratch using organic ingredients. I was having trouble finding simple ingredients in the products I use every day, like in lip balm—thus, Evelyn & May was born. As a graphic designer and production artist by trade, I naturally started with product branding.  And since I wanted my products to be small batch and crafted with organic ingredients, I wanted the logo to be a handwritten font that was similar to my grandmother’s signature. Read more>>

Angela Douglas | Travel Family Influencers and Travel Agent

Prior to having kids, we had always been big travelers. Collectively, we had traveled to Europe, Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. We loved the excitement felt when boarding a plane for a country we had never visited. One of the best feelings ever, is that of hearing the language spoken by the flight attendants on the plane switching from English to something new. We had our first son Nixon, in April of 2012. He was born in Colorado, where we still currently live. Unfortunately, all of our extended family either live in California or Illinois, we were overwhelmed new parents, both working full time jobs, without family support. Despite having our hands full, we still wanted more children. We had our daughter Madden, in January of 2014 and finally our youngest son Nash, in October of 2015. Read more>>

Skutaj | Musician, Composer, & Artist

Around April of 2020, when COVID forced many of us to work from home and limit going out, my sister and I decided to keep our spirits up by starting a 30-day COVID challenge. The challenge was to try to produce something creative every day for 30 days. My sister painted a painting and I recorded and uploaded a song every day. Well, we didn’t quite make the full 30 days, but this was the birth of my solo project “Skutaj”. Skutaj has continued as my expression of traditional Medieval and Renaissance folk music with my own interpretation. Read more>>

Candice Livingston | EPIC 4×4 Quest Co-founder, VP and Treasurer

One day after driving home from Moab, UT where we had been offroading and my husband, Nathan Livingston, said what if we take our passion for offroading and planning trips to give back and create a nonprofit organization. Nathan and I have been offroading the majority of our lives and our entire relationship of over 20 years. We had been part of offroading nonprofit organizations and events, but in that moment we decided we were ready to do more to give back and it started the brainstorming and planning process. Read more>>