Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Andrea Testa | Wellness Coach

The list of things that make me happy is endless, and I’m thankful for that. I feel happiness and joy when I make others laugh. I am a silly person and I like to say that I’m down to earth. When I make others laugh I know that at least at that moment, they are happy, and that makes me happy in return. I love to help people- whether is by brightening their day or through teaching them about self-love, how to care for their bodies through wellness practices, or how to integrate exercises (that they actually enjoy) into their lifestyles. Read more>>

Julian Legarda | Tattooer

Making art makes me happy, I just love to create. Whether that be Tattoos, paintings, etc. I feel I can express myself through my art ten times better then I ever could with my voice, it’s a wonderful thing. And I’m thankful I can help my clients express themselves through the tattoos that I do. Read more>>

Danielle Oliver | Mixed Media Artist

My daughter makes me happy, my husband makes me happy and sharing that love with others makes me incredibly happy! I started my business as a side hustle so I could stay home with my daughter. I am incredibly grateful it has allowed me to create moments and memories for others. I love doing custom work! Hearing peoples stories and creating something that is truly unique and one of a kind, specifically for them: Is really beautiful. I always try to build off what they imagine and deliver a full story when the box is opened! Personal interaction and experience has been lost over the years. I hope to create art that makes people wonder, smile and question! Read more>>

Jeremy Joseph | Professional Photographer

What makes me happy is the ability to be in the present moment, by focusing on my breath and letting go of the racing mind and the intense feelings of the emotional body. I always try and remind myself that “happiness” is not found in arriving at a future goal or destination, but rather being here in our current situation fully. We are always given a choice, which is to find “happy” inside regardless of our external circumstances Read more>>

Jessa Gilbert | Artist, Muralist, and Backcountry Guide

I find I am the happiest when I am creating and playing… especially when the two are combined. My artwork is all about celebrating joy, the spirit of adventure, and the places we find ourselves. It feels good to laugh and be light, and in turn to share those experiences with others through paintings, drawings, and public art murals. I love seeing people interact with my artwork, especially those from seemingly different backgrounds than my own. Those moments remind me how much more connected we are to each other than we are different. I feel really lucky to be in a position to create artwork from my happiest moments, experience joy within the act of creating, and remain happy through the experience of that artwork from others. Read more>>

Sydney Kennett | Professional Indoor Skydiver & High school Student

Lots of things make me happy – friends, animals, nature, riding my dirt bike at the track (I love jumping and being in the air hah) and on the trail, skiing, but one really important thing that makes me happy is Indoor skydiving. The feeling of flight is one of the most amazing experiences that one could ever imagine. When I step in the wind, I feel free. It’s like the movie the Matrix and I can fly in 3 dimensions in any direction I want with all of my friends – there is just nothing like it. I smile every time I get in the tunnel. Indoor skydiving has also taken me to so many amazing places around the world. For example, in 2019, I went to Lille, France, for the World Indoor Skydiving Championship- where I places 3rd in the World for Jr. Freestyle! Read more>>

Scottie Bolin | Mandolin player for Morsel

I am incredibly happy that we recently released our debut studio album, “Morsel”, September 24th on the Americana Vibes record label. The album was produced by Chris Pandolfi, banjo player for the Grammy Award winning Infamous Stringdusters, and we are incredibly excited and happy to get our first project out into the world! Read more>>