Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Janae Martinez | Permanent Makeup Artist & Lash Artist

Risk taking has played a huge role in my business today. After a year of working for someone else I decided to branch off and start my own business, Trusting that your clientele will follow you and continue to grow is just something you have to trust and take the leap. Read more>>

Pick Patek | Rapper & Producer

In developing your own sound and image, you have to take risks. You’re literally trying to do something nobody else has done before. I used to ask my popular friends for advice on socials, and my friends that were into music I treated like A&Rs. I realized though that the thing that makes me me is my taste. That’s the one thing that I have that nobody else has. The way I would put an album together, the type of visuals that would accompany it, the style of the artwork, the style of production. I like experimenting and trying things I’ve never tried before. It’s all risky in the sense that people might not vibe with it, but by playing it safe all you do is end up riding somebody else’s wave. Read more>>

Tracie Bearden | Medical Speech Therapist. Certified Brain Injury Specialist and Educator. Patient advocate.

My view of risk-taking is kind of different. I’d truly believe that without taking risks we aren’t able to get outside of our comfort zone, and that’s where our purposeful journey for overall happiness begins. Risks come with a certain cost- whether it be time or money. As a perpetual risk taker, I can say with certainty that it’s important to weigh out the cost-benefit analysis, but it doesn’t always look like money flowing in and out. I measure how large of a risk to take when I consider if it will bring me towards my passion, which is serving more patients and educating more individuals on the importance of speech therapy and traumatic brain injury prevention. Read more>>

J’rai Hammonds | CEO of Get Up And GLO Fitness, BFA in Dance, ACE CPT, Fitness Nutrition and Sports Performance Specialist

I believe that to “Get Up And GLO” is to wake up each day and be the best YOU! My life mantra is “BE your dreams and chase your goals”. Life is a constant cycle of decisions and taking risk. If you do not fail how will you know how to succeed? Throughout my life I have learned that each time I take risk and fail, I come back 10 times stronger! You should actually be excited when you fail because once you get over that, there is a beautiful victory on the other side. In business you MUST take risk in order to see great success. You have to put your pride aside and be open and willing to take risk. The next risk you take could change your life forever!!! Read more>>

Craig Turpin | Professional photographer, drone pilot and content creator

I’ve taken risks at every different stage throughout my life, building my professional career in the process required taking chances along the way. A huge early decision was after graduating college, followed by a producing stint at PBS in Ohio, I left to chase my dream of working at NBC Universal in New York City. Without the job even secured yet, I sold my possessions, packed up the rest in my car and with my cat, headed out on the road for the unknown. Within two weeks I started as a show editor at a place I could have never imagined calling my office: 30 Rock. Read more>>

Rachel DeWeber | Videographer, Editor, Photographer, and Motion Designer

Risk taking is an incredibly hard feat that most everyone has to face at some point in their life. Whether it’s a personal life choice or career related, risks are bound to come along, and I can speak personally on that matter. Pursuing the film industry by itself is an extremely large risk especially from my perspective living in a small Colorado town with little to no networking. Many know that the film industry is a competitive field, and it is. I made a risky choice to earn my film degree at a local university in Grand Junction, Colorado. I graduated with a BFA in Animation, Film Photography, and Motion design. Read more>>

Jeff Cisneros | CEO- Sparta Brands

Growing up poor and in a broken home inspired me to take more risks. Being a risk taker has changed my life in a very positive way, without taking risks we can’t grow! Read more>>

Caine Lee | Recording Engineer – Record Producer – Studio Owner

I think that risk is necessary for success. Anything worth achieving will come with a certain amount of risk. Most people will not start a business because of the risk so if you accept that there will be a certain amount of risk, you are half way there. When I started my first Studio over 15 years ago I was a kid with a computer and a mic in a warehouse. I lived in my studio for the first year to cut cost. The music industry was changing and people told me that recording studios would be obsolete in a few years. In Addition, right after opening the recession hit and it was hard but we were able to accept the risk, adapt and move on. Mitigating risk is important but I have found it is impossible to eliminate completely. Having confidence and an unwavering belief in yourself along with a little grit can get you through the obstacles and help you concur the fear of taking risks. Read more>>

Kaitlin Plave | Travel Enthusiast and Photographer

I think it’s human nature to be somewhat risk averse as a form of self-preservation, but I’ve found that taking risks is where you see the biggest personal growth. There’s an endless amount of learning that happens when you step outside of your comfort zone; it’s why I chose to move far from home to go to college; why I then left some of my best friends to move across the country with no job; why I studied abroad in a place that I’d never considered even traveling to before then (Israel). We tend to seek our adventures in ways that are tried and true because there’s comfort in that, but choosing to take risks, and explore avenues that aren’t as certain… Read more>>

Celeste Quackenbush | Flower Farmer-Florist

Risks are fun! So many people – I believe – are afraid of risks because the “what if” attached. So what? What if it goes wrong? You tried. Now you know and knowing is powerful and much more satisfying than questioning something forever. I plan my life in small quantities because I prefer a little mystery and I believe in the age old idea that where you are is where you are meant to be in this journey and there really aren’t any wrongs – just lessons. So take the risk! Risk a little money to get your reward or to invest in your dream or future. Money is technically limitless these days – so why limit it yourself? Read more>>

Melissa Rae | Photographer and Artist

I spent a large portion of my life trying to mitigate risks. I followed all the rules, did everything I thought I was supposed to do according to society or what I’d been taught was the right way to do it. I went to school to be an artist and got contract work but didn’t want to take the risk to quit a full time dayjob as I felt like it wasn’t the “responsible” thing to do. So I took work on the side, never fully investing myself into what I really wanted. Read more>>

Clare Hefferren | Chief Brand Strategist & Founder

Risk is required. With a growth mindset each day brings excitement. What will unfold? Am I prepared? What will I learn? Will it be challenging? And how do I show up, be present and lay my head down at the day’s end feeling my time was well spent? I believe we must own our story. My success (or failure) is based on the choices I make. Read more>>

Andrea Jacobson | Visual Artist & Entrepreneur

I have always been intrigued by fear and risk-taking. Some people seem to have no fear what so ever. I, on the other hand, was an angsty child, generally scared of everything. I am still a cautious person by nature, as I think many people are, but nothing exciting every comes from being cautious. On the other side of fear is growth and greatness. To have great success you must take great risk. It is something I make a point to check on regularly. Am I playing it safe? What have I done to challenge myself? What have I done to make myself uncomfortable lately? Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and intentionally pushing yourself to be uncomfortable is the fastest way to growth and success. My own personal risk-taking efforts has lead me to important contacts that have moved my career as an artist forward and opened unexpected opportunities. So go get out there and get uncomfortable. Read more>>

Bobby Mikulas | Founder and CEO of Kinship Landing, Boutique Hotel

Constraint, need, scarcity – these breed creativity. Risk can be a self induced pressure cooker that forces problem solving and creativity. Being willing to embrace risk is one of the fastest ways to find a differentiating leg up and gain access to new and unique opportunities. There is a balance between foolish and prudent risk taking, and the balance relates to the worst case scenario and the analysis of how likely this is to occur compared to the potential upside. Read more>>

Bear Redmon | Songwriter

I used to be a stockbroker and one of the phrases I used to hear on the trading floor was: “How much can you afford to lose?” Nothing about life is a sure bet. You could go your whole life never smoking a cigarette and still get cancer. Your chance of getting cancer may be diminished, but it’s always a possibility. The best that can be done, therefore, is to hedge your bets to protect what is more important and simultaneously take advantage of any risks that may lead to rewards. As a musician, this can mean protecting the integrity of the songwriting process and the culture of your company. In our band, integrity is the very thing we cannot afford to lose. Read more>>

Elise Wiggins | Chef/ Owner

I had a chef once teach me that if I wasn’t a lil afraid on my new position then I’m not growing. I believe in this mantra. The key is to gain as much experience as possible to make you successful but still push the boundaries of what is comfortable for you. Read more>>

Tiara Garica | Owner, Tiara’s Hair Salon

I consider risk the ultimate push towards a goal. If you go into any situation with a mindset of non failure, you can beat risk. Risk is the sacrifice you make to achieve any goal. I always tell myself instead of looking at how much money will be put out towards starting a business, think of the future of pouring successes. Its a one time investment or “risk” in a future, or a goal. Without the risk of “failure” you wouldn’t have the drive to NOT FAIL. I keep failure in the back of my head. I took the risk to open my business, But I don’t give myself or my business the chance to fail. Read more>>