Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Sonia Riggs | Colorado Restaurant Association President and CEO

The Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA) has served as the leading trade organization for the state’s dynamic restaurant industry since 1933; I joined the CRA as President and CEO in 2014. My own professional success is thanks to perseverance and strong communication and association leadership skills, as well as a passion for the good people that operate and work in Colorado’s restaurants. Helping them thrive is a daily challenge and I love it. Read more>>

David Thomas | Immersive Denver co-founder

Immersive Denver was a response to a need to give voice and space to an emerging community. Denver is a very creative town. But it lacks some of the more mature supports for the arts that other cities have. That’s good and bad. It’s bad when it comes to resources. It’s great when it comes to creating new things. There’s not a lot of bias about how to create in Denver. Read more>>

Steve Griggs | Loose and Expressive Watercolor Painter

As a full-time artist, I spend my painting time learning and perfecting new techniques. I also teach other artists how to achieve my unique style of watercolor painting. For many years my partner, Sue, and I were planning for the day when I would leave my career in the design world and transition to full-time fine artist. As we drew closer to that time, however, we began to realize that there was so much more to being an artist than creating art. In order to share my paintings with the world, we needed a website, a social media presence, and a marketing plan. We wanted gallery representation and publication outlets and teaching opportunities. All of those efforts take time, energy, and a different kind of creativity from painting. We realized that in order to be highly successful as an artist I could not do it alone. Read more>>

Courtney Wham | Masters of Integrated Science & Paramedic

At the IV Den, we take patient care very personally. Because of this, the IV Den has been inspired to push the boundaries of IV therapy to benefit the patient. We pride ourselves on having evidence-based protocols founded in primary literature, the most advanced pharmaceutical options available in the IV therapy realm, and a philosophy of patient-centered wellness and education to optimize life’s journey. In other words, we are challenging the status quo of reactive medicine, urgent care and emergency room inundation, and a healthcare system focused on treating, rather than preventing. Read more>>

Kelly Kotsiris | Owner of Adventure Pups LLC

The most important factor behind Adventure Pups success is the happiness we bring to our clients / pack members. Being an entrepreneur means having many different “bosses” and people to please. My client’s happiness drive how successful Adventure Pups will be. Word of mouth, online reviews and simply having the strong brand presence within the community is crucial in any service industry. The needs and wants from my clients are what drive the direction of the business. Adventure Pups is all about providing tailored services to each one of our pack members to create the best possible adventure for your pup. Taking on extra hours, adding goodies/surprises during the holidays and providing thoughtful report cards are some of the ways we like to keep our clients / pack members satisfied. Putting myself in my clients shoes has been vital to our success. Read more>>

Faith Harris | Licensed Cosmetologist, Commercial Model, Women’s Empowerment Leader, & Future Author

The most important factor of success/ success of my brand is the power of testimony, purpose, and perspective. Using the three helped me gain success in my company. I started with a life testimony which will be shared in my published book so please subscribe to my website to be the first to know. Then following My life testimony led me into my purpose in life which is to enhance women’s beauty in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist specializing in Eyelashes extensions, eyebrow waxing, online store of handmade strip eyelashes and more, inspiring as a commercial Model, a Women’s Empowerment leader, and a storyteller. Read more>>

Ounjit Hardacre | Business Owner

Customer service and quality of food Read more>>

Andy Taylor | Co-founder

I think behind any successful entrepreneurs’ story is an element of luck. Before gogglesoc, goggle covers were not a product available in the mainstream – especially those made from recycled plastic bottles. Having a good idea for a new product-type is one thing, but you must be in the right place at the right time. gogglesoc is 5 years old this January. We’ve worked incredibly hard these past years to build the company we have today, and for sure we’ve had our fair share of luck along the way. Josh, Rich and I are all originally from Europe. Read more>>

Tel Hamilton | Realtor

The most important factor for my success is understanding that working for the money will kill your momentum and quality. My goal is to give my clients the best quality of service and support during and after our deal. The best reward you can see is a client that becomes a friend. Putting care into my clients and ensuring they are priority one allows for the best results. The transaction becomes more of personal focus rather than finical transaction. Read more>>

Nick Perchess | Owner Operator Pasture Meats/Beyond Organic Produce/Earth Mindfulness Education

Walking in and with Integrity. Holding to our core values from start to finish on our agricultural journey. Leading by example in our purchase power and our due diligence of educating our community in continuing to close the gap from producer to consumer. Read more>>

Stephanie Messick Photography | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I believe a strong brand is essential in every business. But what led me to my success was consistency, determination, authenticity, passion, and always striving to learn! Every year, I like to look at my experience from my client’s perspective. What can I improve so they RAVE about my business and do the marketing for me? Ultimately, delivering an experience that exceeded their expectation was the best motivation! Ten years later, I’m still learning, refining, and building because this industry is ever-changing! Read more>>

Kait Kozak | Transformational Coach and Facilitator

An important factor behind my success is authenticity; staying true to who I am and radiating from that place. It is quite easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, and falling into the comparison trap. While there are best business practices to be mindful of and role models in the field, being of integrity to your true self is what works. People love realness. When I try to be someone I am not, or do something that doesn’t come from my heart and soul then it normally isn’t supported. Read more>>