One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Eva Pobjecka | glass gallery curator and nature disciple

I am inspired by nature. Her complexity, her beauty, her gentle ways, her rough ways and patience! What incredible outcome can you expect after watching nature! We always talk about role models, who is inspiring or motivating you! Well to me it is all on more majestic and grande level. Read more>>

Parker Lavender | Photographer

After recently moving to Colorado I have been inspired by all of the natural beauty. Moving or visiting a new place is always a great refresher for artistic inspiration! While Michigan had so much nature and beauty to offer for 24 years. Colorado has opened my eyes to new geographic options for my photography. Read more>>

Ren Dowhaniuk | Photographer and Animal Advocate

Kindness and compassion. We live in a world of quick judgment, the need for immediate gratification and an inability to accept imperfection. I try to take each interaction between myself, the camera and the subject and find the beauty and tenderness of the moment. Whether I am photographing a rescue animal, a frazzled mom with an uncooperative toddler or a participant that clearly wants to be elsewhere I provide patience and time to enjoy the moment. When I am photographing a subject, I do not measure time in minutes. Read more>>

London Monroe | Rapper, Actress and Model

I am inspired by my Dad. He would take me with him to his studio where he did music and I would watch and wonder if I could do that some day. One day while he was recording I asked him ” dad can I try to rap “? He helped me come up with some words to rap on the mic and I some how ended up recording my very first song called Fleek. Since learning how to rap and also starting to act in shows and short films I became inspired by other young girls who rap/act like That Girl Lay Lay from Nickelodeon. Read more>>

Sarah Sweatman | Wedding Planner + Coordinator

I am truly inspired by two things when it comes to my work; my clients and my fellow wedding planners in Colorado Springs. My clients are the ones who give me the opprotunity to keep doing what I am so passionate about and my fellow planners help support me and have my back when I need support. Inspiration looks very different from my couples than it does from my fellow wedding planners. My clients trust me to be inluded in arguably the most intimate and special day of their lives. Read more>>

erdem akkaya | fashion and portrait photographer

frankly i can say that almost everything: movies, history, my vacations, music, daily life etc… different cultures and of course my own culture. even when i’m waiting subway i can create something in my mind. i always bring a notebook with me or at least use my smart phone’s voice recorder. for me there is no recipe to catch the inspiration, therefore i am always open to new ideas, taste or feelings. Read more>>

Cole Fritz | Fitness and Nutrition Coach

I am inspired by helping people taking myself and my clients just that one step further into a better life. Mainly with taking back control of their lives through fitness and nutrition. A lot has changed over the last few years and we are seeing the world slowly see that maybe it is time to slow down and prioritize other things instead of the rat race as the number one priority. As such, I have seen a growing number of people realizing that health is becoming more important for them and their families, which as of course the main focus is exercise and nutrition. Read more>>

Sarah Dugger | Founder & Animal Trainer at Good Dog & Co. | Professional Pet Training

I’m inspired by the science of behavior. I’ve become such a behavior nerd since working with animals and learning how to communicate with them from my inspiring teachers. Training animals is like being in this feedback loop of body language, prompts, treats, and respectable space. I’m inspired by how resilient animals can be. From my zoo keeping years, I had a couple of hawk friends who spent over 20 years being so afraid of people, that when their enclosure door opened for a water change, they would fall to the floor. Read more>>