We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Mandy Covington | Home Based Travel Agent

I am truly inspired by people who have overcome difficult circumstances and chose to rise above it. The true art of hustling because you decide that you want a better life for you and everyone around you. I myself went from being homeless to a solid, stable life in 3 years time because I chose I did not want to ever be there again. So my personal situation is what truly inspired me to change my life and help as many people as I can change theirs as well. Read more>>

Amber Leigh | Model, Actress, and Youtuber

I want people to remember me as being kind, and an inspiration to others. I always strive to be uplifting, positive, and encouraging. I think everyone can be a little kinder than they have to be. As a society, we have been lacking all together. There is no greater personal achievement than knowing you made someone’s day even one percent brighter. Read more>>

Tom Franks | Thriller Author & Creative Writer

My aim with my writing has always been to create stories that are so gripping and captivating that it gives you a break from everyday stresses. I hope to be remembered for achieving that. When people talk about my writing, I want them to remember it as “unputdownable”. If what I create can take people away from moments of stress, sadness, or anxiety, I have achieved my aim. Read more>>

Rachel Wysocky | Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agent

I really put a lot of thought into this question because my legacy and what I would leave behind for future generations is something that’s incredibly important to me. The more I’ve thought about what I would want to leave behind the most, the more I think about my past experiences, more specifically, how they’ve led me to where I currently am in life and the influence they’re going to continue to have on my future and how I could use those to help people. Read more>>

Katie Osika | Illustrator, fan of critters

Oh gosh so many things. The world is so full of amazing possibilities. Natural wonders, amazing people, unique animals… what isn’t there to be inspired by? I think I’m most drawn to the feeling or “vibe” of things. The tranquil wonder of a hike in a forest, the chill of a spooky old photo, or the way even the simplest animals can make us laugh. When I create art, I want to showcase the coolest parts of our world. Read more>>

Katherine Bean | Founder of Bliss Ivory,Mom of two & Flight Attendant

I am inspired by natural wellness and beauty.I enjoy providing products that are a beneficial to peoples health and wellness. Read more>>