We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Alex Dunn | Musician/Artist

I want people to remember me for my devotion to curiosity and compassion, and that ultimately my life’s work is simply the act of being present and loving. This is why I was called to the arts – it’s one of the best ways to communicate and share these sensibilities. Read more>>

Red Mountain Boys | Nationally Touring Bluegrass Band

Firstly, our songs! They are really the stars in this band.. Any one of us Boys will bring one in a session & it instantly takes a life of its own. A very close second would have to be the joy that we have (naturally) on stage and off. We genuinely do love each other, and we think the audiences can see that. Read more>>

Kay Trejo | Photographer

At the end of the day I want people to always remember How I made them feel. To remember how kind and open I was to everyone around. Accepting and loving everyone as they come. Read more>>

Bryce Muse | Artistic, Sociable Scientist

I’d hope that by the end of my life, I made people feel something. Perhaps I made them laugh with a joke I said, maybe I made them inspired to explore when I talked about Astronomy, or maybe I simply made them feel present in the moment. I used to think that legacy was about explicitly being in a person’s thoughts, but that’s not quite the kind of legacy I strive for now. It is no longer important to me to have my identity lodged into a person’s thoughts, Read more>>

Marla and Seth Truitt | Owners of Joy House

I want to leave a legacy of love. To bring people together to make the world a better place. To encourage everyone to look beyond our differences and love each other even when we disagree. I want people to feel special when they walk into my store, into my life. And to remind people that everyone has PURPOSE. Read more>>