Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Eric Schmidt | Beer Maker

When Philip and I started Amalgam, our intention was to build a creative outlet, bring people together and make a difference in our community. It was never about the money, but rather building friendships, having fun experiences and making memories. None of this would be possible without the Colorado beer community. We are continually blown away by all the support we’ve received. Over the years we tend to celebrate the charitable initiates we’ve contributed to over pretty much everything else – this is success in our eyes. Read more>>

Jackie Benavidez | Model & Entrepreneur

I define success by your own happiness. I know this can be a controversial question, but that’s because everyone’s happiness Is personal. It’s an opinion. Many people can agree success is money, or having a loving family, ect. But that all falls down to where you find happiness. For me my success, is my family, my career, my home, my spirituality. All these things bring me pure joy. Success is in you, and up to you completely. Nobody has to agree with what you believe is successful, but you. Read more>>

Jeanine Cerundolo | Holistic Life Coach

In a time where it can be alluring to measure success in the number of social media followers you have or the figures in your bank account, I think taking the time to personally define success is important. I also believe it is key to differentiate the success of your business, your brand, your career, or your projects from your overall “success” as a person. To me, the concept of success can come with a measuring stick, and a good life can’t be measured – only lived, appreciated, shared, and enjoyed. In the world of self-improvement especially, the concept of living into your “potential” (going for the MOST success possible!!) can be motivating at best, but damaging at worst. It can often bake the feeling of striving and “not-enoughness” right into your endeavors towards success. Read more>>

Tiffany Bitner | Adventure Elopement Photographer

To me, success is defined by how you choose to spend your time and is different for every person. If someone is spending the majority of their time enjoying activities they love and choosing how they get to spend their time, that is success. Success is not the same for two people. For one person, success may mean owning a home, being able to financially support their family, living out of their van, etc. Personally, how I define my own success is am I happy with the way I am choosing to spend my time with work and with my free time? If the answer is yes, then I feel I am on the right path to my own person version of “success.” If the answer is no, then I need to reevaluate how I am spending my time to ensure I am focusing on the right things that bring joy to my life. Read more>>

Jenna Switzer | CEO & Small Business Owner

This question right here, is one I have thought about ample times throughout my lifetime, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve likely concocted your own definition of success. Perhaps it sounds something like “once I make this much money, I will be successful,” or “I’ll know I made it once I hit this position in my career,” and believe me, I have been there-relentlessly chasing my mind’s streams of ideas around success and when I’d achieve it. But it wasn’t until recently that I began redefining and questioning the true meaning of success. As a small business owner, my initial ideas around success fell within achieving a certain amount in sales per quarter, having my product in a determined number of locations across the US, paying myself a particular salary. Read more>>