Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

 John / Kekoa Recio / Schlesinger | Wood Shop Owners & Woodworkers

I feel like success is defined differently for everyone. Hard work ethic, personal goals and a thirst to always be better should be ingredients to any successful person or business. For me, my success has many levels. Getting out of negative inner city life was a form of success. Finding a career that brings me personal enjoyment. Sustaining a family in a beautiful part of Colorado. Even though our monetary success could always be greater, it’s the other, more important things in life that I gauge my success on. Do you love who you are, do you give your love to the people that love you. Read more>>

Lyndie Costello | Yoga and Meditaion Coach

Success for me is making a connection with another being that improves both of our lives. Financial success is something completely different and will flow with the effort you put into growing your business, but true success is more than money in your pocket, true success is the “legacy” you leave behind by your work ethic and how you can positively affect the flow of someones’ existence. Read more>>

Jason Serrano | Photographer & Creative

Success for me is having purpose! With purpose, you ultimately fulfill what makes your life. When you are self-fulfilled you can be happy, enjoy things, have identity, and be at peace with yourself. Being successful is not always easy, but it is always attainable! Read more>>

Katie Frim | Photographer and Happiness Enthusiast

Success is personal. It’s subjective. There’s no one clear form of success to be achieved by everyone. The way I define success is by doing whatever makes you the happiest; being with the people who make you the happiest; in the places that make you the happiest. Success is something that felt, not something that is measured. Read more>>

Daniel Hertel | Frontman Of The Band Verses The Inevitable

I define success as the ability to pursue your passions without expectations. As an artist, it is important to focus on the intrinsic motivations for creating. If you are focusing on the need for external validation as a measure of success you will inevitably be disappointed. I think this is something that a lot of musicians struggle with. When I first started the band Verses The Inevitable I was caught up in the notion of “making it”. It took me years to understand that making music in the hopes of some future material payoff was taking away from my creativity and the art itself. Success is creating the artistic expression itself and sharing it with the world in whatever ways are possible. I cannot create art that is authentic if I am defining my success by what other people think (i.e. record labels, promoters, curators). Read more>>