Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve sharedthoughtful responses below.

Megan Douwes | Portrait Photographer

The most important factor, behind my brand and success is enjoyment- passion. I enjoy photography so much that sometimes I forget it’s my profession. When we lose enjoyment or passion in our work, that’s when we lose our efforts. And I will never have to worry about that happening with the photography. Sure, some days are a little trying, but majority of them I’m just like “wow I cant believe this is my job” Read more>>

Alena Popovich | Designer & Illustrator

Important factors to the success of my brand is the authenticity, and fluidity. My art is an extension of myself, and has always been a genuine representation of my creativity and my brand, with its own set of inspirations. I also do lots of custom work, allowing for versatility and having the capability to capture many clients’ visions, which I am grateful to be able to do! Read more>>

Jarred Trantham | Leather artist

I feel like a lot of my success came from never losing the joy that I have from creating the pieces that I do. I’ve always been someone who’s giving to charity no matter what whether I am struggling or doing wonderful. Also living the life that I did being an art coordinator for live painters at festivals for five years, going to shows and giving away keychains for free for almost 2 decades. I helped a lot of people get their starts and was a face that was well known before I started this as an actual brand, before I even thought it was a possibility. Read more>>

Hilary Couch | artist

An authentic narrative has been an important factor in the success of my art sales.. We as humans love stories. Through hearing my process and concept behind a series of work, potential collectors are able to connect more deeply to a piece. Read more>>

Halie Behr | Founder of Behr Benefits, Lead Auctioneer & Fundaneer

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is staying true to my authentic self. I stay true to who I am and my personality, recognizing my strengths and acting on them. Read more>>

Joya Burrell | CEO

The most important factor behind the success of myself and my brand is truly seeing my products benefit my customers (Bellas). Knowing that I am a part of their daily Health and/or Beauty routine (by choice) feels special Read more>>