We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Jo Bertini | Artist

My artworks emanate from many decades of research and field work into the unique and fragile beauty of the worlds’ most remote desert landscapes and the peoples and cultures that have flourished there. Read more>>

Jamie Robarge | CEO & Photographer

I am inspired by the connection that my camera allows me to have with people. Since taking up photography and building community connections, I’ve found that my camera has allowed me to meet just about anyone. Read more>>

Pamela Maass Garrett | Estate Planning Lawyer and Author

I started my legal career as a Deputy District Attorney in Boulder, I wanted to protect those that were vulnerable. Read more>>

Vanessa Cote | Lifestyle Photographer

I find that I am most inspired by people around me who have overcome hard things. People who have had to work hard for every single inch to move their progress forward. Read more>>

Kyle Neeley | Guitarist for Pathos & Logos

Pathos & Logos is inspired by the human experience. Performing is not just about getting our music out to people, but creating an experience for someone else that (hopefully) inspires them to create something remarkable. Without this, the feedback loop of creativity ceases to exist. Read more>>