Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Samantha Schalnus | Whispering Aspens Embroidery LLC Owner

Work life balance can be extremely tricky at times. Over the past few months I have felt the stress of this more than ever. Not only do I have my embroidery business, but I also have a full time job as well. Read more>>

Giae Derisse | Clinical Pharmacist, Public Health Advocate, Foodie

Fortunately, I am in an interesting place right now to discuss work/life balance. I graduated from a rigorous doctorate program in 2020. I went on to complete a residency where 60+ hours of work is the norm, finished that in 2021, and then went into the professional world where I was finding my footing. Read more>>

Connor Riley | Music producer & Artist

For a long time I didn’t really have a balance. By the time I got to NYC for school in 2016, my whole life revolved around my work. It had started as my passion, the thing I wanted to do ALL the time, and as it consumed my life I didn’t see it as a bad thing since I was doing what I loved and I know that one has to make sacrifices to do what they love. Read more>>

Caitlan Siegenthaler | Licensed Therapist (MA,LPC, NCC)

My work life balance has changed significantly over time. In my early and mid 20s I worked in the corporate world and I was very focused on proving my worth and climbing the corporate ladder. Read more>>

Emily Gould | Drummer & Business Owner

Before I was able to drum full-time, I definitely spent more of my life focused on things independent from my career. Since quitting my day job, I have really tunneled into drumming, not only because it is my passion, but also as a neuro-diverse business owner having to manage my own work and scheduling. So, over time, my work has absolutely become my life, and I don’t know that I have a balance anymore so much as they have melded and become the norm for me. Read more>>

Tréja Nicole | Portrait Photographer

My work life balance has drastically changed since I first started my career and business with photography. In the beginning I had no boundaries. I would miss family happenings, choose working over my mental health-continuously jump through hoops for people before putting the needs of myself first. Read more>>

Hazel & Samantha Chorney & Neuhring | Co-Owners

<Meta Gals> was founded because we were sick of the antiquated norm of business. We constantly felt like we were under extreme pressure at work which ultimately was harming our mental health. Read more>>

Rachel Lowther | Nonprofit Public Relations Coordinator

Balance has not been easy to achieve, but I think what made the difference was truly enjoying the work that I do. When I was unhappy in a career, my thoughts about it were negative, which leaked into my life outside of work and took personal time away. Read more>>

Lisa Davila | Qi Gong Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Celebrant

Throughout my years working in healthcare, I have to admit, my work always came first. I completely immersed myself in my role as a nurse, a nurse manager and educator, and various administrative positions in patient experience for various hospitals. Read more>>