We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Dean Stattmann | Founder and CEO, STAT Media PR

There are so many factors that contribute to success—like identifying and owning a niche, prioritizing relationships over transactions, and, of course, being persistent. But perhaps less obvious is the understanding that success is not linear. Before I started STAT Media PR, I spent about a decade as a magazine editor. Read more>>

Paige Risku | Midwest Based Wedding Photographer

Success is a funny thing. In high school and college it seemed the questions of “what does success mean to you” came up a lot. Throughout the years of my college career and professional life, it has definitely changed and even simplified.Read more>>

Cidney Wilcox | Celebrity Private Chef- Culinary Artist

The most important factor, to me, behind the success of my brand is relevancy. Over the last 4.5 years I’ve had one main client. The bread and butter, if you will. But if I just put my eggs in that one basket and didn’t do events, or dinner parties, or social media than I would be irrelevant to the people who are looking for services or have things to provide, like opportunities, or features. Read more>>

Dawn Pasowicz | Realtor, Mom, Grandma & Wife

Hmmm? There are so many important factors to my success. I believe for me it’s about serving others and having integrity. Building true relationships and just treating people, whether it’s my clients, colleagues, neighbors or a clerk at Walmart with respect, honesty and love. Being successful is not just about money, for me it’s about relationships and what positive impact or change I can make in someone’s life. Read more>>

Brittany Thornton | Owner/Creator

I think the most important factor behind my success is the uniqueness of my products. I started off making intention and shaped candles that I sold at farmers markets and craft fairs. That morphed into opening my own brick and mortar storefront where I sell those candles along with other products that my friends make such as bath bombs, incense, tea, crystal jewelry, ect. Read more>>

Zane Tattooz | Tattoo artist

Honestly consistency, self-care and being yourself. It’s obviously much harder said than done but I’m a true believer that if you stay authentic to yourself, you truly love what you’re making your brand about and what you’re selling and you consistently stay in progress in love of whatever it is that you are selling that your brand will succeed. Read more>>

Amber & Austin Richman | Yoga Studio Owners

Having a mission–to make yoga accessible–and not defining success in traditional ways. We prioritize community, accessibility, and education in all decision making. Additionally, having yogic philosophy at the core of how we manage the business has been a guiding light when we just aren’t sure what to do. Read more>>

Drew Weingart | New Normal Works Founder & Bag Maker

When it comes to the success of New Normal Works – for me it is really simple. I continually run everything through this framework; is what NNW is bringing to the world adding to human and environmental flourishing, or is it detracting from it? Read more>>

Ben Hoffer | Chef/Owner of High Rise Pizza Kitchen

Quality over quantity. Hands down this is our core philosophy. In a world that caters more and more to instant gratification and convenience – we strive to do things a little different. Good food is a labor of love and we take the process of making everything we possibly can from scratch to heart.Read more>>