We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Chante Tenoso | Motorcycle enthusiast & Vegan Ice cream Guru

The Vegan Stuff™ started because I can no longer enjoy dairy Ice Cream and also because I didn’t want to commute anymore. I am not fully vegan and I think my honesty about not being vegan along side my ability to still compare The Vegan Stuff™ to dairy ice cream are two of the most important factors towards the success of my plant-based ice cream.

Trina Worthington | Baker and boutique motel owner/manager

I feel like the most important factor to my success is consistent quality. I’ve seen many businesses fail because as time goes by the quality declines usually due to lack of time or energy. A high quality product will always produce success Read more>>

Lauren Harris | Female-fronted band leader for Elle Michelle’s Grateful Holler

My entry into music and performing was very unique compared to most! I had just picked up learning the banjo and a few months later lock-down happened. This afforded me quite a bit of extra time on my hands! I start practicing hours a day, then something magical happened. A guy who I didn’t really know, posted on Facebook that he was hosting an “outdoor, social-distance open bluegrass pick”. Read more>>

Maranda Christopher | Resin Artist

I think for me, one of the most important factor behind my success is the trust from my clients. I do all types of resin work, but I mostly do pet memorials. People send me their pets ashes, fur, collars or toys from all over the world, and trust me to take care of their items and the piece I am creating for them. Trust from my clients if everything to me. Read more>>

Camille Staples | Massage Therapist Esthetician Energy Healer Life Coach

The most important factor behind my success and my brand is Giving Quality Service and Heart and Soul into my work I do. Treating every client like they are family. Kindness to everyone no matter who or why. Im very passionate about teaching others about health and wellness. Read more>>