We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Gretchen TeBockhorst | President & Founder

the brand? Relationships are key when it comes to garnering success in the public relations industry. In order to achieve longstanding relationships with clients, media partners, influencers and team members, a partnership based on trust and mutual respect must be formed. This elevates the individuals on our team from “account managers” to trusted expert partners. Relationships with our clients At Prim, we understand that our clients are not simply paying for results. Our role is to offer business consulting, unique ideas, expert guidance and solutions to problems. We see ourselves as extensions of each client’s team and are committed to their success. Of course, media results are a top priority. Therein lies the majority of most PR plans. But simply achieving media coverage for our clients is not our sole focus. Read more>>

Alan Moore | Folk Artist

Most important! It’s hard to boil it down to just one factor. I am going try my best. Let’s go with hard work. Lots and lots and lots of hard work, and then more hard work, and then add on a bit of hard work. A recent Jerry Saltz article How to Be an Artist (November 2018) was not only an excellent read and super insightful, but also in some ways was a wonderful summary of our 15 year art hobby turned art business journey. One of the quotes in Jerry’s Lesson 5: Work, Work, Work was from Sister Corita Kent. She said, “The only rule is work. If you work, it will lead to something. It’s the people who do all of the work all the time who eventually catch onto things.” There really is no substitute for doing. Making all the time. If not making physically, dreaming up the next thing to make. Read more>>

Aurora Hendrix | Small Business Owner

It’s always been really important to us to be a part of the community. We strive to be an inclusive, safe space for our customers. When people walk in our doors we want them to feel like they are seen and heard, and I think that’s why we’ve been so successful. We care about each individual and their story. Read more>>

Tawnya McKenney | Caterer

Success is a peace of mind. It is setting attainable goals that push you outside of your comfort zone and force you to be the best version of yourself. My criteria is writing down my goals daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Every New Year I create a vision board, one for my personal life and one for my business. As long as I am actively working towards my goal, I know I am successful. Read more>>

Lisa & Ches DiDonato | Founders

The most important factor behind the success of our brand is our commitment to quality and consistency. The quality & consistency of our products, our customer service and the experience that our customers expect when they come into our shop. We strive to make everyone’s visit special. Whether it’s a quick stop to grab a drink mix on the way home, or a lemonade date night, we want your time, as well as your drinks, to be a joyful event! As a small, family-owned business, we understand that things are different this year and that times are harder. We work hard to give you a quality, unique drink at a fair price while providing a relaxing and safe atmosphere for our guests. Read more>>

Clare Huspeni | Chief Nerd

The strong combination of us poring all our skills into the necessities of running a small business, coupled with the power of a catchy brand. Clare brought decades of operational experience running contact centers to NerdsToGo, which benefits us tremendously. The balancing of budgets, scheduling, forecasting and P/O expertise can be hard to come by without incurring significant expense to contractors. Dennis excels at public relations, media and business development honed from years of newspaper journalism and media relations work. By building a team of skilled, certified technicians who emphasize strong customer service, the Denver NerdsToGo operation definitely has wind in its sails, Combine that with the colorful and distinctive NerdsToGo branding, the fun “Nerdy” logo, and the power of a well-run franchise operation. Read more>>

Ryan Evans | Co-Founder

With Bruz Beers, we laser-focus on one style of beer – Belgian-style. This has enabled us to put all of our efforts and resources towards advancing our skills as Belgian-style brewers, creating a fantastic product. Everything we do is about making our beers better. I learned early on in business that you can do many things, but you can’t do all things well all the time. That being said, our focus on one style has carved out a niche and the market has responded well. Read more>>

Rita Liu | Founder & President

Passion – The driving force behind our volunteers is PASSION. I have a team of forty people who genuinely believe in our goals of promoting multiculturalism, bridging cultural gaps, and serving the community. This is what allows us to develop and host our cultural, educational, and artistic projects and events. Commitment – Every member on the team is extremely talented and has unique skills that they fully commit to our work. I can count on every one of them. Therefore, I am able to take on challenging projects knowing that we can produce excellent results. Partnership – The resources of one organization are limited. In order to reach out to a much broader audience, we need to partner with those who can complement our skills and experience. For the partnership to work well, it has to be mutually beneficial. Read more>>