We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Sydney Montoya | Photographer & Cannabis Advocate

Authenticity. It drives everything that I do, every photo I take, every brand I work with, and every caption I write. If I do not feel genuinely passionate about something, it doesn’t show up in my art- and that selectiveness is how I remain true to myself. Read more>>

Jacob Sillemon | C.E.O./Music Producer/Director/Content Creator

One of the most important factors behind our company/brand success is dedication. It is super easy to give up when things aren’t going your way or you feel discouraged. At BasementFlav we find it within ourselves to never give up and remember why we started and push forward. Read more>>

Pat Treuer | Comedian & Comic Executive Officer of a Real Life Business

Perseverance. Perseverance is the most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand. To provide context, currently I am a full time comedian and the owner of a company which provides comedy shows to corporate groups and I could not have done either one of those without perseverance. I have wanted to be a comedian ever since I learned it was possible to make people laugh as a profession. Early in life, I pursued every route except the route to make what I wanted a reality – including 12 years as an International Sales Manager for a big company. After realizing I was living a life I didn’t want, I left that career to pursue my dream of comedy. Overnight I went from hosting meetings with Generals of major international Air Forces to going to open mics at dungy bars where no one paid attention to what I said – that nearly erased any confidence I had overnight. Read more>>

Tanner Harris | President & Managing Member

None of us know all the right answers – I try to keep that in mind and surround myself with a team of people that are better than me! Read more>>

Brent Facchinello | CoFounder and Chief Operations Officer

At Miraflora, we believe that our organic hemp flower oil helps people. That’s not just marketing B.S.—it’s why we founded the company. To us, success means giving people a natural, healthy way to de-stress, sleep, relieve pain, and find the joy in everyday life. We put a lot into making our products the best for people and the planet, and we’re proud of the results. Read more>>

Sarah Puckett | Owner and Creator – Organized Adventurer

From day one of our relationship, we’ve been about authenticity in everything we do. Whether it’s with each other, friends, family, work, or social media, we share honestly and openly about ourselves. We think vulnerability is a strength and we try to bring that to every aspect of our lives and into our business. Read more>>

Stephanie Marotto | Owner of Tuanis Vintage Shop

When I started Tuanis Shop back in January, I never thought I would be where I am now with it and I am SO excited to where my small business will be this time next year. I started Tuanis Shop as a way to supplement my income (special education teacher by day). The most important factor behind my success is to continue learning and always look ahead. When I started Tuanis Shop back in January, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I have always loved vintage and had an eye for it, but as far as actually running a business, I had no previous experience. Read more>>

Phil Daughton | Owner of Prenvalley Builders

Taking a full design-build approach to residential construction allows us to better serve our clients. Our designers are the builders and we’re able to keep the design plans aligned with the client’s vision and budget. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned in my time in construction is that clients prefer to have a sole contact, someone that can coordinate with all the different parties throughout the design and build process which alleviates a lot of stress for them. Read more>>

Austin Lawhorn | Manager

I believe nostalgia and a yearning for recreating childhood is the biggest factor behind the success of the North Pole. There are so few experiences that we as parents can have today that is experienced almost the exact same way as when we were kids. How many times do we tell kids about no streaming television and explain the idea of movie rentals? Or about how there were no cell phones, or playing in the streets until the lights came on and we all just went home? I feel like as parents we have this basic longing to bring back a more simple time and here at the North Pole we have maintained this vintage nostalgic park that parents can see through their children and recreate those childhood memories. Read more>>