We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Amanda DiMarco | Holistic Health Coach & Founder of The Pretty Naked

Understanding my audience, while staying true to my authenticity. Blending, ebbing, & flowing between what the audience wants to see, hear, learn, & feel. and what I actually feel is right and aligns well with my brand. I’m a big believer in the fact that people are drawn to you and your energy, so you must protect it and trust your inner knowing. Feedback & opinions are necessary when running a business that relies on the consumer, but trusting your vision & what your intuition is telling you is equally as important. So it’s a dance, and I think leading with my intuition while being open to what my consumer has to say has probably been the biggest factor in business for me. Read more>>

Kim Glover | Breeder & Owner of Oodles Of Fluffy Doodles

I believe the most important factor behind my success and the success of Oodles Of Fluffy Doodles is that this is my passion. That allows me to deeply care about every aspect of my business, from dog and pedigree selections, to client communication and how I raise the puppies. It’s very important to me that I maintain a personal touch with each and every puppy and client. I make sure my families get to see daily videos of their litter from the day they’re born until they go home. Read more>>

Nicole and Reggie Gonzalez | Photographers

Authenticity. 100 percent. It’s the only way we know how to be. Just by being ourselves, our clients can relax and be themselves as well. When the clients are relaxed, the pictures just come out better than if they were stiff and trying too hard. We’ve had clients tell us about nightmare sessions they’ve had where the photographer is demanding and asking them to do a certain pose they don’t feel comfortable with. We’re more laid back and go with what the session is feeling like. If the client has young children and aren’t cooperating, then we capture some more candid moments. We don’t have to wait for the ‘perfect’ picture. Read more>>

Katiria | Latin singer and songwriter

I believe the most important factor for my success so far has been just staying true to myself. You know, I’ve had people tell me I need to change how I dress, dye my hair a crazy color, or even change my sound so I can ”stand out” or make it in the industry. But that’s just not me. I think when people listen to my music or see my work they can hear it’s coming from a place of love and sincerity. I don’t want to change who I am to fit the standards or expectations of others on what they think I should look like or sound like, I just want to connect with my fans and be vulnerable without judgement. Music is my safe space, and I hope it can be for my listeners. Read more>>

Brendan Fung | Entrepreneur

I can say simply, and with conviction, that the leading reason for the success of my businesses is the community of people who have found Squeeze and Loon Hill and resonated with both the product and the purpose. It’s essential, now more than ever, to build something that reverberates deep within consumers; something that they can rally around; something that they will stake their name to. And to get to this point, you have to know what your consumer wants and needs. Read more>>

Penny Spectacular | Draglesque Performance Artist

What I prioritize more than anything is being a kind human backstage and in the audience. It’s so important to develop a community that is committed to lifting each other, having fun, and setting each other up for success. I aim to be kind and curious about my fellow performers, like getting to know people, watching each other performances, and creating art together. Being considerate of others while maintaining a sense of playfulness is the environment I always want to create. Read more>>

Nolan Verga | River Guide

“Multa novit vulpes, verum echinus unum magnum” Archilochus (“a fox knows many things, but a hedgehog knows one big thing”) For those that don’t know the story. The idea very simply is that a fox can do many things and is very tricky. The hedgehog on the other hand only knows one trick. However, that one trick keeps the hedgehog safe and it always knows what to do in times of trouble. Roll up into a ball. Read more>>

Chelsea Parker | Co-Owner of O.E. Auto Glass

The one single thing that drives our success more than anything is our community. Loveland has been an incredible city to have the heart of our company. Our neighbors are adamant and so wonderful about supporting local small business, because of that we have been privileged to meet and serve our neighbors. and hope to be able to give back to them as they have given us in our short two years in business Read more>>

Vee Weir | CEO, Vee Frugal Fox + Weir Digital Marketing

The most important factor behind my success and my brand is the fact that I knew it was going to take years to build a base. Social media and press features make it seem like everyone is an overnight success, when that simply isn’t the case. I began my personal brand in 2016, opened my business in 2019 and began being nationally recognized in 2020. It’s been a long road of planting seeds and patiently waiting to harvest them. Read more>>

Patrick Nolan | Sports Performance Coach & Owner

The most important factor behind the success of my coaching and my facility is not my knowledge in the field or the pretty equipment or the fun drills we do. The most important factor is the connection we build with each and every person that walks through our doors. We do not care if you are an all pro NFL running back or a 4th grader that has never played a sport you are going to get the same treatment. We are going to build a relationship with you where we then can start laying into you our motto which is “Courage to Compete”. Read more>>

Ploy Limpapath | Owner

Customer satisfaction. When I see customers who are excited about our food and enjoy everything to the last drop. We cook with love using fresh, premium ingredients and our goal is an authentic Thai experience using recipes handed down from my Grandmother. I love to see my customers smile. Read more>>