We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Caitlin Thomas | Owner and Ice Cream Chef of Spumoni Creamery

The most important factor behind the success of Spumoni Creamery is FUN! Ice cream is meant to be enjoyed with people you love, in an atmosphere that you enjoy. That is why an ice cream food truck is so perfect. It allows me the opportunity to travel to different venues, and meet the public where the fun is happening – parks, breweries, festivals, private parties. I believe that bringing positivity and embracing the fun side of things in life is underrated — much of our day to day life tends to be serious and it’s important to embrace the fun too! Let’s be honest, it’s also hard to have a bad day when you’re sharing fantastic ice cream with the people you love. Read more>>

Maria Lucoff | Interior Designer

Complete transparency. Honesty about what we think is best for a given situation. Read more>>

Tammy Edinger | Western Boutique

I think the most important factor behind the success of my boutique are the people that is our customers and the communities we travel to! They are very supportive and excited to see the variety of items we sale and ready to shop. We try to focus on the type of people that will be attending the different events we go to, providing something for everyone’s taste. Though success is a relative term, I also think having fun, and enjoying what you do contributes along with determination. Determination to stay focused & positive makes a path clear for you and gets you through the uncertainties. Most importantly never put aside the advice of a successful mentor their experience is golden! That will set you up for success. Read more>>

John Lawyer | Owner/Certified Corndog Slinger

I feel the most important factor behind the success of the brand was the mindset behind the product we sell. When it comes to food trucks I have a theory that the product you sell should be something that people are familiar with as well as something that the customer can’t easily make at home (or the variation you’re selling is something they can’t make at home). Almost everyone knows what a corndog is, but the corndog is associated with being unhealthy, something you only get a fair, or a childhood memory. Though most people love corndogs they rarely want to admit it as an adult. Diving into the idea of doing corndogs as a business I knew I had to provide something that nobody can easily get. After some research I found very few corndog food trucks in the U.S. and out of those none of them made their own sausages, I found my angle. I truly feel that the nostalgia aspect of our product, plus the uniqueness of options that are made for a more adult version of a corndog is why we’ve been so successful. Read more>>

Paul Hanon | Headshot & Portrait Photographer

Updating your headshot isn’t typically the first thing every professional wants to add to their agenda. Often times, it’s the last thing they want to do or it’s avoided all together. The most impactful contributing factor behind my success is giving my clients an amazing experience where they walk out of my studio feeling great about themselves and their headshot. It’s common to hear, “that wasn’t that bad,” or “wow! that was easy!” Headshots are important and when I can make it easy for my clients, it ends up becoming a win-win scenario. Read more>>

Joe Koscove | Blackhat Distillery President and Founder

To push hard. I find that most people do not really realize how much hard work it takes to start, run, and grow a successful business. But pushing hard has many different meanings. We are always pushing for a better customer experience. Which equals great customer service, push to make the best spirits (not only in taste, but ingredients), and making it memorable. But pushing hard also means getting up at 4am because you know you have a full 14 hour day and you want to be fully prepared. Full heartily believe in Opportunity/Success favors the well prepared. We strive to go that extra mile no matter what it takes. Push hard day in and day out! Read more>>

Nick Beghtol | Chief Executive Officer

The most important factor behind my success is the ability to solve problems and to be resilient during the process. The success of our brand is a direct reflection of the consistency to execute our mission and vision. Read more>>

Jessica Mullins | Avout Racing Executive Director and Team Manager

Doing good things with good people. Our organization’s mission boils down to having fun riding and racing bikes and getting more kids on bikes. This important mission has gotten a lot of great people on board which has allowed us to be very successful. While COVID was challenging in many ways, it also caused an explosion of growth as so many parents were looking for opportunities to get their kids outside and getting exercise. Read more>>

Elektrohorse Cdm producer and artist | Country dance music

I have movement called “the party don’t care” that believes in unity and everyone having fun together. This vision has been going on for some time now.. the party don’t care don’t discriminate on race, body type, spiritual or sexual preference. No matter what are differences are, we can all come together during music. We all agree on goid vibes. Read more>>