Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Nicole Londraville | Circus Performer and Instructor

For some strange reason the circus really spoke to me. From my very first aerial lesson, that I stumbled on by chance, I knew it was what I was meant to do. So much so that I eventually quit my job as a scientist and went to circus school. It’s hard to describe the hold this art form has on me. But I guess I love the challenge of it all. You have to be incredibly strong and flexible. You have to be a performer and tell a story without actually saying anything. You have to find your own style, both in how you move, what you wear, your make-up, and how you do your hair. I love all those little details! Read more>>

Kelly James | Wedding Florist and Workshop Instructor

Happiness. What an all encompassing word. The little moments makes me happy. A home cooked meal shared with family on the acreage where I grew up. Simple moments enjoying warm coffee snuggled against my French Bulldog. Feeling the rising morning sun on my face. A sparkling clean kitchen, fresh with lemon scent. These little moments seem small, but enjoying these moments, and soaking them in through out the day, turns them into the big things, the important things. Read more>>

Leah Rybak | Small Business Marketing Consultant & Storyteller

I find joy in creating, connecting with people, and exploring nature. In my business, these sources of joy allow me to see people and their businesses as they are, then dig down, use Colorado’s natural beauty as inspiration, and create marketing content that authentically connects with our community. Read more>>

Ali Jay Stinehour | Digital Director & Booking Agent for Loose Leaf Talent Agency, Owner of Ali Jay Multimedia, Marketing Manager for Kris Myers, Marketing Manager for Kick The Cat, and digital artist.

Well, that is a bold question, isn’t it? There are a lot of things that make me happy. Personally, I love my family, Bernese mountain dog, my pickup truck, taking photos at concerts, my partner, and seeing the people I have grown with in the Denver music scene on odd nights of the week. As of late… throwing charitable events and managing different realms of the music industry has been especially rewarding. I have never really felt a place, to truly be in any sense, outside of the musical or artistic world. So, even though a person that abides by typical professionalism would probably disagree, my professionalism is just personal as it is professional. I care about my clients & I care about my music family. Read more>>