We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Reiker Edstrom | Electrician & Photographer

Wilderness. Family. I have always loved the woods, since before I could remember. The feeling of being miles from the closest human is where I feel closest to God, hearing nothing but utter silence, is where I feel most at peace, so I try to go there as often as possible. Family, because no matter how many amazing mountain ranges and majestic creatures I’ve seen, my family is still the most beautiful and where I feel the most love. Read more>>

Jason Meents | Illustrator/ Artist

Creating and sharing my work makes me happy because I enjoy sharing and expressing my ideas and seeing people’s reactions. Spending time with my family also makes me really happy because I love them, and we laugh and experience new things together. Read more>>

Rachel Dashiell | Freelance Photographer

As I’ve gotten older and think about what my career “should” look like, you ask yourself what makes you happy? So often we are taught to go to school, grow up and get a job that will pay your bills. This can be satisfactory to some, but I think I’ve learned that doing what YOU want, is going to truly allow you to be happy. For me, feeling fulfilled and satisfied in my personal and work life is very important to me. Getting the opportunity to go out and travel and take photos and then getting to share them is a really great feeling. This is where passion becomes reality and I think we all strive for that on a certain level. Read more>>