It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop and ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Gene Campbell | Owner – Angler

End goal? That’s an easy one. I want to be part of making a difference. I really feel that in today’s world, it’s a challenge to find sound evidence that supports the narrative of the individual contributing to the overall direction of things in the world. It seems many times that money and influence directs our nation, the policies, the rules by which we are all supposed to abide, and so on. I’ve always been a believer in the philosophy of big change must first take place on a small scale, then grow, if its going to sustain. I am beyond grateful and fortunate to be in a position to do what I do for a living with competitive fishing. Read more>>

Lazarus Gomez | Real Estate Agent

Short answer: Financial freedom. Long answer: I strive to be the best in my field. I’m lucky enough to work with a brokerage that prioritizes relationships; whether it be with their clients or fellow real estate agents in the office. I have the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the best in the business and learn what it takes to be successful from them. I want to not only become financially stable as I gain more experience in my career but also reach personal goals that I’ve set for myself. My parents have taught me a great deal about what is possible and I’d love to follow in their footsteps and pursue multiple sources of income. Read more>>

Ashley Buerger | Bakery Owner & Head Decorator

The end goal…I would love to do this as long as I’m physically able, and as long as it makes me happy! My goal is to create a business that is uniquely mine, and then be able to sell or pass on my business to someone else when it makes sense to do so. I absolutely love having the privilege to provide sweet treats and memorable cakes to customers of all sorts. I love having a small business that caters to locals and visitors alike. And I would love it if I were able to build a business that will go on serving the community with sweetness even after I’m gone! Read more>>