“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Brice Maiurro | Poet, Publisher, Storyteller, Community Builder

I’m a big believer in the virtue of goofiness. I believe that the poetry world especially can always use a healthy dose of humor and lightheartedness. I try to approach my art with that in mind. There’s a lot of sincerity to be found in being goofy, and I think it lends itself well to the idea that you don’t have to have all the answers all the time. We’re all so many different people in any given moment, and in a lot of ways we’re such products of our environment. I think that the humility to step back and say “I don’t know” or even, “wow, I was way off on that one,” is really important. We should celebrate what’s imperfect and I think that there’s a noticeable and profound overlap between what’s imperfect about us and what is beautiful. Read more>>

Sara Lemmon | Doer & Brewer of 3rd Bird Kombucha

I wasn’t always fearless. In fact, for most of the past two decades, I can say I was the opposite. However, when it because clear that my 3rd Bird, my son, Silas, experienced the world in a very different way, I had to step out of my comfort zone and do life differently- not just for him, but for myself. 3rd Bird hatched as a way to make the world a bit kinder and more inclusive for Silas. Silas is autistic and has GI and sensory processing issues. So using my science background, I set off to find a way to help address his tummy troubles. If I’ve learned anything from brewing kombucha, launching a business and being a momma to three little birds, it’s this: that sometimes from the unfamiliar comes wellness and wholeness transforming you into something new. Read more>>

Kristen Frost | Acupuncturist (LAc)

Compassion, the primary principle behind all my work in both professional and personal endeavors. Compassion has the ability to disarm others, meet individuals where they are in a given time and space, as well as create a connection that transcends the dogmas of religion, politics, socio-economic status and beyond. The part of my being that reflexively smiles at strangers, holds a hug longer than some may like, and spends extra time with those in need comes from a deep rooted understanding of the power of caring. I feel strongly that in todays fast paced, seemingly disconnected world, a resurgence of compassion is called for. When we heal individually, the collective heals as well. As my own journey ebbs and flows through the celebrations and challenges of life, I can only do my best to better each day and bring that sense of compassion to all I know, those I treat, and to myself as well. Read more>>

Jeffrey Mascaro | Director and Founder, Smile Mountain Guides

Being a passion-driven, practical operator, who sprinkles kindness into a product and brand that seeks to add more value to their end consumer than they take. What’s the importance? Being a B-to-C business implies that your end consumer is the customer and Smile believes to do it right that person needs to feel that we are bringing more value to them than anyone else. We want our brand to be built of positive social and business pillars that when know will “win” in the long term. Read more>>

Lizzy Sinatra | Founder/CEO Ayurvedic Protein & Tantric Yoga Teacher/Life Coach

I am very open about talking about my personal story of healing because it comes from my heart. I was blessed with the vision for this company while I was in the midst of experiencing symptoms of an ovarian syndrome and hormonal dysfunction, such as depression, anxiety, hair loss, weight gain, and acne. I was at my worst, and also completely overwhelmed in a PhD program. I ended up leaving the PhD program to pursue this company full time out of my own savings. So there is a lot of humility, vulnerability and openness behind my brand. High quality food and plant medicine dramatically aided my healing journey, and I refused to put any fillers, added sugars, or non-organic ingredients in my formulas, even when manufacturers told me that would reduce cost on my supplements. I wholeheartedly created this formula to have the highest quality ingredients because it is for healing – which our bodies and minds need, every day. And, I am 100% authentic about what is in my products and why. Read more>>