“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Jonathan Shaeffer | Barber

In the barbering industry, there’s an expression: “quality over quantity.” This has become my mantra for my career. It affects my appointment time slots when I book with clients, it affects my prices, my marketing, my customer service and most of all it affects my mindset in business. I see barbering as an art not just an income. Every single client is a sculpture. I’m envisioning the end result and cutting their hair in a way that I can reveal the masterpiece that is waiting to shine through. Read more>>

Mary Elizabeth Fabian | Photographer & Owner of MAJECK, LLC – #createMAJECK

I went into owning my own business really hesitant – not wanting to make decisions that could negatively impact my family. My dad’s company had survived the dot com collapse in the 90’s but they had been hard times. I was afraid to do the same in my own family. I also knew this could be an incredible thing if I kept focus on the idea that as I created success I could help make my community a better place. That has been my guiding principle. It doesn’t matter how successful I may be, if I’m not using that success for positive change it is worthless to me. Read more>>

Heidi Dunn | Colorado Springs Family + Senior Photographer

Love. Family. Faith. I’ve built my little business on it. I am not the most popular as I’m pretty quiet, but I am the photographer who you can trust to be there when your crying baby needs held while you run after a toddler during a family session. I will be there when your senior needs to run back home and grab uniform parts for their once in a lifetime senior session. When your husband’s flight is delayed after a year deployment. I pour my heart into my sessions. Read more>>