“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Monica Krajewski | Illustrator

A value or principle that I find myself always coming back to is making sure I go at my own pace. I think with the society we live in now it’s hard not to get caught up in the fast pace of consumerism. The mental spiral of wanting to make sure that what you create is for everyone and that everyone will enjoy it. Would someone want to buy this print and will it be able to pay my bills? etc. Read more>>

Stephany Valdez | Artist & Community Organizer

Throughout my life it has been important for me to line up my actions with my philosophical perspective. The core principles that I have consciously and specifically entwined in every project include mutual aid, voluntary association, and direct action. I believe when these tenets are implemented then it is possible for people to truly choose to collaborate vs being coerced or exploited. I am most heavily involved in the art and music scene of every place in which I find myself. I am an artist and I value creating space for experimentation in performance, art, and sound. Read more>>

Matt Payne | Nature and Landscape Photographer

The value that matters most to me can best be described as “pragmatic ethical consideration.” In our busy Western capitalistic society, we have all been trained from an early age to value results, performance, and money above all else. While this value system has resulted in great strides in technology, economic growth, and opportunity for many, it has also flipped the script on how we value individual humans, the natural world, and community. In my day-to-day life, I am constantly at odds with this tug-of-war, ranging from how I consume plastics, choosing what type of brands to purchase, Read more>>

LaRae Biocic | Owner Sweet Kiwi Bakery

Sweet Kiwi was started by a tribe of women with an entrepreneurial spirit. A collective of artists, bakers, and mama’s, with roots in creativity and a desire to nourish those around us. In our daily efforts, we aim to make our bakery experience impactful from start to finish. Our mission from the inception of Sweet Kiwi, has always been to feed the body and soul in all that we do. We believe that feeding people is loving them; our hope is that after visiting Sweet Kiwi, your day is brighter. My background in baking stems from being a self-trained baker. Read more>>

Anne White | Executive Director, Lead with Love

“We forget that Love is revolutionary. The word, cute and overused in American culture, can feel devoid of spirit, a dead letter suitable only for easy exchange on social media platforms. But love does carry profound meanings. It indicates the radical realignment] of social life. To love into turn away from the prioritization of the ego or even one’s particular party or tribe, to give of oneself for another, to transfigure the narrow “I” into the expansive “you” or “we.” This four-letter word asks of us, then, one of the most difficult tasks in life: de-centering the self for the good of another. This is a task for which we need exemplars, especially in our divisive times.” — Tina Miles Read more>>

Josephine Ampaw | Mental Health Therapist & Educational Consultant

My value around accessibility is most important to me because It grounds my work and how I hope to show up for my clients. As a therapist and educator, I have found that accessibility to high quality and equitably priced therapy and consulting for minoritized communities and organizations was very difficult to find and a large reason why I started my business. To me, accessibility means that community members are able to be met where they are by me as a professional and gain the services that they need at a price point that serves the need while sustaining the business. Read more>>