We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Dana Moon | Professional Dog Trainer

Dog training is an unregulated industry—meaning anyone can become a dog trainer, regardless of experience or education. Many well known training techniques are outdated, inaccurate or just down right inhumane. I am beginning to see a shift in public knowledge as more and more dog guardians are becoming aware of modern techniques that are just as effective, safe and do not come with potential unwanted side effects. Read more>>

Elijah Yetter-Bowman | Storyteller & Founder of Ethereal Films

“When you can’t do something well, you should hire out.” This is especially common in the production industry. Personally I heard a lot early on that I needed to outsource difficult tasks, such as editing. While outsourcing can be helpful and important in some ways, I fundamentally disagree with it as a default. Read more>>

Somaya | Musician & Content Creator

A piece of advice I was given a lot a few years ago was to “tone myself down” so that I’d be more palatable to people. I went along with it for a long time, but eventually decided to listen to my gut and be more open on social media. The second I made that switch, I started seeing more success. The truth is people want to see authenticity; and your personal authenticity isn’t necessarily what they’re used to seeing, so it will be refreshing. Read more>>

Katie Breen, MPH | Vice President of Programs | Podcast Host

The United States has the highest maternal death rate of any developed nation, and over 60% of these deaths are preventable. In fact, it was safer to give birth in the United States thirty years ago than it is today, as the rate of maternal deaths quintupled in the last thirty years despite advances in maternal care. The rate of people dying in childbirth or due to pregnancy-related causes continues to climb in the U.S., even while it declines in other high-income countries. Read more>>

Tyler Davis | Insurance Agent

Most people outside of my industry are unaware how important it is to know what insurance coverages you have. Almost everyone is looking for the least expensive insurance policy they can obtain, when in fact, you should look for the most value in what you are getting. For example, if you are paying an extremely low rate, but you have the state minimum in liability coverage on your Auto Policy, you are leaving yourself open to high risk of liability if you cause an accident. Instead, look for a higher liability quote and compare companies at that level. If your Insurance Agent isn’t trying to educate you on that, they are doing you a disservice. Read more>>

Theresa Marschik | Therapist & Healing Touch Practitioner

There is the notion, or conventional advise, that you must trust yourself far above others, to the extent that others can often not be trusted and will usually let you down. While understanding what drives you and following that, even if others do not see your vision, has merit, I have learned that others bring much more value to my life and business than I can bring on my own. Read more>>

Mac Marsh | Founder/C.E.O

Most people who are outside of the culinary industry are not aware of the “running water method”. This method is used to thaw frozen food quickly and safely. Most operations do not have the time or the space to let frozen food thaw out in a refrigerator for days on end. To avoid this time and space constraint, they will run cold water on the frozen food until it is fully thawed. The USDA states that for every pound of food the water needs to be running for an hour to safely thaw the food. So, imagine a single operation having to thaw 5lbs of food in a day. Read more>>