We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Brooke Small | Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Director of Riverbend Counseling

When I began Riverbend Counseling in 2019, I knew that there were many things I would have to learn along the way. I set an intention to meet each new challenge and crossroad with an abundance mindset. As a guiding value, abundance allowed us to believe that there was enough for everyone. Assuming the people who needed Riverbend would find it allowed me to make decisions and lean into risk with anticipation instead of fear. This mindset has helped our team navigate a global pandemic and meet our clients with confidence in our ability to help them heal. In the two and half years since we have opened our doors, we have grown exponentially and continue to provide exceptional healing to our community. Read more>>

Amber Kelly | Photographer

To be honest, the most important decision I made that contributed to my success was to stop making excuses. Starting my own business sounded like a great idea and while I knew I’d love it and I could be good at it, I was nervous. I thought, “Oh I’ll just take it slow. I’ll ease into it.” I had a fear of failing. When I first started my business I did zero marketing, for the first couple years I photographed friends and they would suggest me to others, which has been invaluable, but I knew I could be doing so much more. Read more>>

Alex Maier | Documentary Filmmaker

My decision to work for myself came after another decision. That was to seek a path in life that give me fulfillment and meaning. I was scared of falling into a monotonous career that didn’t engage me just for the purpose of earning a paycheck. From an early age I saw how that destroyed people’s happiness and well-being. After making that decision for myself I arrived at the only option, which was to work for myself. Read more>>

Mike Head | Barbershop owner & Master Barber

The biggest decision I had to make was, to value mental health over money. I had to make the decision to put my mental health in-front of making money. Making the realization that I have to take care of my self before I can take care of anyone else was the biggest decision. I couldn’t do that before working for myself. Read more>>

Jon Rosenberg | Founder/CEO

Pursuing this dream relentlessly. Through all the ups and downs sticking with it has made all the difference. People love to ask “what if it doesn’t work out?” and my answer is always “that’s not an option”. When things are looking bleak you just have to hold out hope and summon up the courage to keep taking baby steps. Read more>>

Sagan Petr Smith | Producer & Songwriter

The single most important decision that I made that contributed to my success was before I even made my first album, hell it was back when I was just 14-year-old releasing music from my laptop onto Soundcloud. It was when I decided that no matter how long the process takes, and that no matter what I encounter on the way towards my path to success, that I would never give up on myself. Even when I would feel like that I would be better off without music in my life. Then I would have to remind myself, that those thoughts are completely invalid, and that I love the world of art and music, and I would stop at nothing to keep myself immersed within that environment, and I think that thinking will lead me to more success. Read more>>