We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Erick Ibarra | Bilingual Realtor Professional

Growing up you’d always get asked “what do you want to be when you grow up”. A Firefighter, astronaut, surgeon, etc… As you grow older, you’d start to hear this term “Be Realistic”. Essentially, shattering any hopes and dreams that one could have. I strongly disagree with this term, as someone who is pursuing a great career as a realtor. I never followed the norm or conventional advice. Having to supportive parents; that came from Mexico, with only $50 and a kid to raise. You can imagine the sacrifice and work my parents have gone through day to day. Read more>>

Aron Snyder | Founder, 303 Burger of the Month

The importance of a good education. Not saying it isn’t important, I have a master’s degree. But experience is infinitely more valuable than education. Read more>>

Josh Pruitt | Photographer

When I was a beginner photographer, I was consistently told to stick to a ‘niche’ and photograph / market myself as someone who shot one type of thing. It made sense, but I remember feeling limited by that notion, especially since I was drawn to such a variety of subject matter. I decided very early on that I wanted to hone in on my overall aesthetic as opposed to what I photographed; placing an emphasis on a consistent look that, no matter what I was creating, would still have my fingerprint on it. This has not only opened up doors for a wider variety of work for me, but also helped me ensure that my voice, as a creative, would not be dictated by what I was shooting, but rather my internal vision as a creative and an artist. Read more>>

Sam Yamini | Tattooer and Artist

Most conventional business advice is profit driven. Bottom line first etc… While profitability is important, our model focuses on culture and creativity first. The quality of the work and the happiness of our team is our top priority. Always. Staying true to your vision, and putting the well being of your team above the profit margin will take you further than anything else. Read more>>

Chelsea T | Marketing Strategist / Entrepreneur

I’ve always struggled with fully agreeing that “experience is the best teacher”. While there is some benefit in participating in a situation yourself, I believe learning from another’s experience can be just as beneficial! This is especially the case in business. The decision to pursue entrepreneurship can be very frustrating, emotional, and a risky experience so if there is an opportunity to learn directly from another person(s) that has been where you’re planning to go, I think that opportunity is priceless! Not only are you able to avoid common pitfalls, but you increased your chances of success drastically! Read more>>