We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Mike Reed | Wedding Photographer

Passion. Photography is hard enough and is a labor of love when growing your business and honing your craft. Weddings on their own can be extremely difficult and challenging in many, many ways. It’s my opinion to be a successful Professional Wedding Photographer, you have to be passionate about it. If you’re not? Two things will happen. You will hate your job and you will let your client down. Read more>>

JILL BROGDON | Vice Chair, Colorado Human Trafficking Council

Human trafficking is a complex and multi-faceted crime. Most people associate it with the white van abducting someone off the street, blindfolding them and chaining them to a bed. That type of scenario sensationalizes the crime and is actually very rare. The most common way a person finds themselves in a trafficking situation is by someone they know and trust. For instance, a romantic interest, a relative, someone from their church or school, a neighbor. When the victim is vulnerable, the trafficker picks up on that and takes advantage. The best way to combat trafficking is to educate people on the vulnerabilities and how to recognize suspicious activity that may be associated with trafficking. Read more>>

Max Urquhart | Chief Operating Officer – Grassroots Californiax

I dont know if this sets me apart from other top level executives, but I worked very hard, putting in the extra hours in the early mornings and after work late at night to get where I was. I started at the lowest level of low, as a inventory counter and sales person. Each step of the way I proved to my boss (bosses) that I would outwork anyone else. My other trait that has always been great, is my flexibility, i have worked every job in this company and can cover for any employee on any day. That ability, to do any job within the company, is invaluable and allows for my staff to take the time off they deserve. I will never ask an employee to do something I haven’t done myself for the company, and they know that, and respect it. Read more>>

Cee Martinez | Artist, Writer, Composer

It’s easy. Like… show up, set up, and sell. Most of the work is putting in the work to appear where you’ve signed up to appear, put forth a product that you can be enthusiastic about and just sell it. Many get caught up comparing themselves to others or to what they wish their work looked like and they miss out on the genuine compliments from potential buyers and how pleased they are with your creations. They miss out on how approachable and easy it is to find a gallery or an art co-op to join, or how easy it is to find a non juried art show to hang in. Read more>>