People often ask about the best decision, but we think it’s also very enlightening to learn about people’s most difficult decisions and the frameworks they used to think through those decisions.

Rachelle Anslyn | Teacher and Coach

Being willing to let go of anything and everything at every turn to stay in alignment with the deeper core voice I follow. This has often lead me into uncomfortable territory where these choices haven’t made sense to my mind at the time, but always in retrospect I see the wisdom of the energy that was leading me. Read more>>

Ryan Garcia | Owner/Founder of

The most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make is quitting drinking. I’ve always been a big dreamer and knew I had the talent to really do something with my life but I was really big into the party scene and that’s all I wanted to do. It will be 5 years in September that I made the decision to get sober and I know for a fact, I would not have the opportunities or drive to follow through with my dreams if I never made that decision. It seems easy to decide on quitting something that effects you so negatively to a person who is fortunate enough to not experience it but it definitely is a struggle. I give props to anyone that has, is trying to or is thinking about quitting an addiction of theirs. It’s not easy by any means but it’s worth it. Read more>>

Tonya Chaney | Owner and Master Stylist

The most difficult decision I had to make thus far in my cosmetology career is closing my salon. It was a decision I didnt take lightly but one that i wouldnt change. In 2011, i had a decision to make, either resign my lease, purchase the space,find another location, or close the doors to my 3800 square foot salon. I thought long and hard about all of my options and decided to close my salon and move into a salon suite. I had to let 7 stylists go and sell a salon full of equipment. My emotions were all over the place but I needed to do what was best for my spiritual, mental, and physical health. And it is a decision that I am proud that I did. Read more>>

Bianca Mikahn | Performing Artist, Producer, Educator, Cultural Strategies, Mental Health Advocate

loving. Read more>>