Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Zach Pearson | Colorado Whiskey Afficionado and IT Specialist.

Work/Life Balance is something that, especially recently, has been on the forefront of my mind quite often. I spent more than a decade working in the retail industry, with the last couple of years working approximately 70-80 hours a week. I worked holidays, birthdays, weekends, and even ended up working on a lot of the days off I had, including vacation time. During the pandemic, I consider myself lucky enough to have been in a position to continue working, but quickly I felt like the last year of my retail career was as long and tiring as the entire previous 10. Read more>>

Abel Gonzalez | Songwriter & Producer

My balance has changed in many way as I’ve gotten older. When I moved to New Mexico at 21 I didn’t have too much to balance other than holding a job and carving out time for making music. I was always spending most free time I had learning different instruments, music production, and writing new songs. Fast forward 6 years and I’ve realized there is so much to life that requires balance. From maintaining a healthy diet, to getting enough exercise, work, relationships, and my creative time. Read more>>

Carly Thomson | Restaurant Owner/Operator

I’m not sure that the perfect balance exists. For me, business ownership came with a passion that naturally integrated the business into my personal life. It’s my job, yes, but it’s also my hobby and passion. The juggle, I think, for me and many other professional women, is really about balancing motherhood with all of those parts of us that exist outside of motherhood. There is no secret that I know of. We juggle all of the balls to the best of our ability, and let some fall sometimes. Then pick them up and try again. Read more>>

Amy Atwell | Owner and Lead Guide, Personal Nature Project

Over time, I have learned that my personal values and my bigger “why” need to inform how I create balance in my life. More accurately, I seek a sense of harmony rather than balance, because the weight of each priority in life constantly shifts. Some days, my personal health or my family need more attention. Other days, my business takes center stage. I know I am out of harmony when I am not sleeping well or if I begin to stress over small things, and those signals alert me that it’s time for a reset. Read more>>

Paul Rohmer | Renting & dealing classic cars

Before launching my company Sunset Ride, i was working as a key account manager for a big pharmaceutical group. My work balance was very stable as i was only working during the week, heading back home before 7.00pm. But i quickly realised that even though the work life balance was fine, that didn’t make me happy because working for such a huge company makes that you don’t see the final result of your tasks. Now working for my own makes me work much more during the nights or the week-ends, but i have never felt more useful and happy to wake up and work for myself ; being the engine of my own results. Read more>>

Andrew Ackerman | Documentary Filmmaker

I struggled with work/life balance for a very long time. Then I read Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull and he shared that balance is not the yoga pose of perfect harmony. It is the football player almost getting tackled but just managing to stay on his feet and keep running, balance is a dynamic action. Reading that changed my life because for such a long time I felt so inadequate by not being able to achieve that “yoga pose” of life balance. Once I realized it could ebb and flow with my life it started working so much better. Sometimes I work in overdrive and lean more one direction, but now when I get the chance I can reign it in and work back to equilibrium. Read more>>

Cliff Barackman | Owner and Curator of the North American Bigfoot Center

Owning a business has made it much more difficult for me to get away for any length of time, as previously I was in the woods doing field research much more often. Now, however, my woods-time may be restricted, but it is more focused with the reports and encounters that witnesses bring to us in the museum. I see this as just part of the responsibility of being a business owner, and not necessarily a bad thing. Read more>>

Nico Poalillo | Director

Work life balance has been a tremendous struggle, and is for most people that work in a solely freelance capacity. It’s something that must be learned out time, and gets easier as we get deeper into our careers. My balance specifically as changed greatly over time. Realizing that even though I don’t have a steady pay check coming in that everything is going to be ok, and that prioritizing life outside of work is integral to having actually being able to enjoy what you do for a living. Read more>>

Christina Muscato | Founder & Design Director | Landmade Agency | Muscato Art & Design Co.

My work life balance is something that seems to be ever-changing. I would say it’s more in-balance now than ever before, however finding balance is something that I have to work at continuously, especially with multiple passions. When things are in balance I can take a step back and look at things more objectively, which is so important for anyone in the arts. Great ideas are often born in the empty space between all of the tasks on our to-do lists. I need both the calm and peace that comes with balance, but still appreciate the excitement and stimulation that comes with things being out of balance. Being overly busy with work, sort of forces a level of focus and drive that can be helpful in a different way. Read more>>