We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Lauren Fish | Entertainment Marketing Manager

Since my early teen years, I was determined to work in the music industry. I loved music. I loved listening to it, seeing it, reading about it, showing my friends new music, looking into what my friends were listening to, etc. In high school, my senior superlative was “most likely to ditch graduation for a concert.” Naturally, I had to leave the event early because I was going to see The Head And The Heart that night. Throughout college, I had internships and jobs that involved music which led me to decide I wanted to get into the small festival business. Read more>>

Allan Castle | Photographer

I feel like I am here to be creative and also show my clients how beautiful they are I love seeing people smile the first time they see their pictures and I hear them say, that’s a great picture of me. I usually look awkward in photos, but I love my smile and I look natural, You caught a great moment. Often clients tell me that they feel good about themselves. Sometimes for the first time in a long time. Almost like they are models or celebrities. And they get to experience something fun and glamorous. Read more>>

Meredith Connelly | Visual Artist, Designer & Creative Contractor

I would say that an artistic or creative path actually pursued me from the inside out. My creative vision was everpresent and evergrowing, though it was bound by fear of vulnerability, failure, and the age-old stereotype that artists cannot support themselves. For many years, I made quietly and experimented with materials. At age sixteen I had made my first metal sculpture, and by seventeen I had dropped out of high school and moved to Paris, where I frequented museums with my sketchbook in tow. However, it was not until I hit a pivotal fork in the road my junior year of college, that I fully accepted that I was an artist and nothing else I pursued would come close to the true and inherent call I have to create and connect through art. To me, this is more than a career, it’s self-acceptance, following my intuition, and striving to sharpen my skills and experience over time. Read more>>

Jenna Wren | Owner and Lead Photographer

My entire life I have been drawn to the arts and creativity. I would get lost in a book for hours as a little girl, dance around my house, and write page after page in my journals. I loved carrying a camera on our family vacations, and I was continuously drawn to the beauty in nature around me. I think I naturally was drawn to a creative, artistic career even at a young age. I loved gymnastics and dance, and I wanted to pursue those professionally. I loved the challenge of performance, the beauty of flow and movement, and the way music lifted me off the floor. In college, I really shut that part of myself down in pursuit of a practical or guaranteed job. Read more>>

Alex Kittoe | Film & Digital Photographer

I have always thought of myself as somewhat creative but never really gravitated towards a specific art until college. In college, I started using photography as a creative outlet when I got my first camera. I fell in love with the idea of capturing different scenes and telling stories through photographs and occasionally videography. I quickly realized that I was very passionate about creating whether it be paid work for businesses/individuals, videos, or just trying to create art to hang on a wall. I started shooting anything and everything as I continued to get better and ended up doing a lot of work for Kimbal Musk and his restaurants around Colorado. From there, I started getting into concert photography and shooting for musicians such as Tall Heights, Big Gigantic, Two Friends, and more. I have grown my freelance work a lot since college and am excited to see where it takes me next. Read more>>