Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Mirna A | Drummer

I am from the middle east. My upbringing influenced my drumming where I think of rhythm differently incorporating the elements of middle eastern music in my playing and in how I teach and learn. Read more>>

 Tyler Sanchez | Entrepreneur & Founder of The Green Age

I was born and raised in Colorado, I was blessed to have a difficult upbringing. My upbringing has definitely made a positive impact on my life! Read more>>

Kristi Cavinder | Nutritional Therapy Practicioner

My background is what brought me to my business! Growing up I dealt with SO many health issues. Doctors always told me my labs looked normal and I should just try to cut out foods that made me feel sick. Read more>>

Teresa Cole | Licensed Professional Counselor

What do I do? I graduated from UCCS in 2011 with a master’s degree in counseling. Since becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have worked with adjudicated youth, adult in-patient, and partial hospitalization settings, and in a group practice. Read more>>