Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Miranda of Uprooted Foodie | Vegan Consultant & Content Creator

The freelance world may not always seem artistic, but in my realm, it definitely is! Some folks might argue that a consultant is a more advisory-focused career as opposed to creative, but I would disagree. I think my specific niche for vegan hospitality consulting is extremely creative, in terms of creating fantastic dishes in collaboration with a restaurant and giving the customer an enjoyable and memorable experience. Plus, you have marketing and event coordination thrown in there sometimes, which definitely requires a creative flair. As for my video editing skills, creativity is a huge part of that. I relate a lot of my passion for editing to my former theatrical endeavors. I worked as a stage manager, performer, and musician for five+ years; plenty of occasions called for me to have a birds eye view or a director’s eye, and that’s what it takes for me to be a successful video editor. Read more>>

Sydney Scarola | Editorial Stylist & Writer

My career gives me the opportunity to blend my creative mind with my intellectual brain to make work that is both challenging and rewarding. There is also no pinnacle in a creative sector. There is no ne-plus-ultra when it comes to perfecting a craft that requires creativity. Through our personal and academic lives, we are taught that there is a “right” way to do things; a methodical, systematic way to approach situations in order to get the right solution. However, the field of fashion has showed me that there is no one proven way to reach the goal. I work everyday to create paths that enhance my journey, my thought process, my space to create. My career also inspires creativity, collaboration, and individuality in an otherwise dull world. I get to collaborate with some of the industry’s most talent individuals to execute a common vision. Read more>>

Nicole Chausenko | Pharmacist and Model

While my full-time job (pharmacist) may not fit the description of an artistic or creative career, I more than make up for it with my part-time interests (modeling, acting, and music). Ever since I started modeling over 12 years ago, I have always had a passion for both scientific and creative pursuits. I started playing the piano around age 5, and the flute/piccolo at age 10, and received a scholarship to college where I received a B.A. in Music. After college, I went to pharmacy school in Texas where I also took modeling and acting classes, and did a community pharmacy residency in Colorado where I currently live. No matter what my current interests may be, I have always had an artistic pursuit. Creative careers let you think independently, express individuality, and help you become more well-rounded. Read more>>

Kim Schwenzfeger | Confectioner

I spent a lot of time bouncing from one thing to the other–trying to figure out what I was good at, what I really enjoyed. Even in high school so many people around me had a direction for their life, while I was still bouncing around between a multitude of different things. When I graduated from high school I was dead set on being a stunt driver and still fumbled through collage classes with no real clue what I was doing. When I decided one day to try making confections, it just clicked. It was then that I had that light bulb turn on and I realized what I needed to do with my life–not just want, need. I enjoyed it more than anything else I had ever tried my hand at and part of that was just the fact that I created something that made other people happy. I would also say that what has kept me so dedicated to it is the fact that no matter how tired I am, or how much there is to do I never want to give up on it. I never feel like quitting. That’s what you know you’re on the right path. Read more>>