We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career.  We’ve shared some highlights below.

Kiyana Riley | Licensed Aesthetician & Makeup Artist

That’s an easy answer! Because I like to make people feel good. Makeup isn’t about making one “prettier “ or “more beautiful”, it’s about having fun and feeling more confident. It’s the impactful moments like a bride crying because her dream look came to life, and I aided in that dream to reality moment that she will remember forever. These moments, and many other like them, mean more to me than anything. I’m their outlet, their therapist, their friend and confidant when they are in my chair. My clients get to escape for an hour, and be serviced, feeling nothing but good by the end. Instilling confidence in my clients is always my goal, and that’s what the power of makeup and good skin care does. We bond and build lasting relationships and moments all behind a brush, that’s the beauty of it all. Read more>>

Erin Murray | Lifestyle Photographer, Blogger & Creative Director

From a very young age I was cutting up fabric sewing and creating outfits for Barbie dolls. Being on the smaller side, growing up I always had a hard time finding clothes that fit me correctly. I had an instant love for fashion and also away to create. Fast forward to being a young adult. I became a flight attendant and also a filmmaker. Being behind the camera had allowed me to create beautiful stories for my clients. I started my creative career in commercial production. Traveling became second nature but I wanted to settle in my hometown of Denver, Colorado and start a family. That season of life, transformed into being a wedding filmmaker. When I had my first son Bladen I transitioned into being a newborn, maternity, children and family lifestyle photographer. Read more>>

Sienna Wright | Makeup artist, coffee, and all things creative

I’ve always had a creative aspect to my personality since i was a little girl. The more i grew so did my creativity. I knew i wanted to share my different ideas with the world. Being creative whether it’s with my makeup, photoshoots, or just any form of art, makes me really happy. I just wanted to do something that made me happy and made me 100% me. Being creative lets me express who i am. Read more>>

Claire L. Fishback | Award Winning Author

I have been artistic and creative my entire life. From the age of six, I started writing stories about my pets and other animals. Short stories that I also illustrated. I loved to do both, but writing has always been my passion. When I graduated high school, I went to the Art Institute of Seattle (briefly) for Animation Art and Design. At that time, I wasn’t writing as much, if at all. I took a creative writing class as an elective (crazy to think art school has electives, I mean, aren’t all the drawing classes electives? haha!), and it rekindled my love of writing. My work received a lot of praise from fellow students in the class, as well as my teacher, who wanted to use my final project in future classes as examples. I ended up dropping out of art school after that to work on my writing. I never in my dreams imagined I would be a finalist for a Colorado Book Award twenty years later! Writing and drawing are part of who I am. I’ve always identified as: Writer, Artist, Twin. Now I’ve added Wife and Dog Mom to the list.  Read more>>