Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Sarah Vogel | Postpartum Cook & Care Specialist

I have come to weave risk into every business decision I make! Listen, if you’re not taking risks then you’re likely not creating something new and you’re certainly not exploring the true needs of your target market. When I first started supporting mothers I was intimidated, despite being a mother myself and deeply knowing the needs that existed in the community. How could I be sure I was capable of meeting the expectations of each mother? Their needs are so vast and so deep – I started off by just looking at what everyone else in my field was offering. I kept it comfortable, stuck to what I knew would work. But it didn’t feel authentic, stifling the ideas I had for my community. Read more>>

Julie Riggin | Interior Designer, Army Wife, and Mom

I have always been a big believer in making changes in your life if you are not happy or if something is not working. I think this has always pushed me to take risks in business and believing in myself. Read more>>

Sofia Ramirez | Visual Artist

This question really hits home for me. Risk has always been a necessary part of living my fullest life and doing my best work. I am privileged in having a mother who is not only an immigrant, but has also successfully created her own architectural firm for custom residential homes. Her whole life was built on taking calculated risks the second she came to the United States. It wasn’t always a linear trajectory towards success, she struggled and fought for her dreams while raising three children. Read more>>

Rachel Segel | Co-owner of The Pilates Center, a Pilates studio and Teacher Training school

Being willing to be a risk-taker is what fuels an entrepreneur, and learning from one’s mistakes – as well as successes – is what grows a business. Many times through our 30 plus years, my partner and I have felt as if we were hanging on by our fingernails to the surface of a speeding train! Persistence got us through and endurance “saw us through” those times – maybe these are the other most important entrepreneurial traits?! Read more>>

Kelley Wren & Leanne Wren | Co-Owners, Lead Guides & Sisters

VNTRbirds (venture birds) is a female owned brand empowering women through outdoor education and adventure. Through this company, we help grow the outdoor community so more women are getting into outdoor sports and recreation like backcountry skiing and splitboarding, as well as mountain biking and more. VNTRbirds’ main objectives are for all people who identify as female to be self-reliant, knowledgeable and confident outside. This, in itself is a substantial risk. Read more>>

Kristine Urban aka urbnLGND | Electorforming Artist/DJ/Yoga Instructor

Taking risks and rising to the occasion was always something I seemed to do naturally. It is in our inherent nature to do what is best for our souls, and when we use our intuition, it feels as if we are guided. I seem to feel this guidance with gut feelings and how my heart feels in a lot of decision making, and making my creations. Tapping into the subtle energy system in our body was something I learned at an early age as an artist and creator, and now even more as a yoga instructor. Read more>>

Kira Isbell | Owner and Baker

I have always been a bit of a risk taker. It is my belief that life is full of risks anyway, so I might as embrace them! Starting my bakery was definitely a risk that I jumped head first into. My degree is in education, not baking or business. I had to trust in myself while also being comfortable with the thought that, “Maybe this won’t work out, but at least I’m going to give it my all.”  Read more>>

Catherine Coulon | Skatepark Contractor

There is no business without risk taking and there is no reward without risk. As an entrepreneur you are inherently an outsider /outlier and by not conforming to the corporate world or a secure job you are taking inherent risks. Because our business is a creative pursuit, and we are constantly trying to innovative and push the boundaries of what is possible within our industry we are always taking what could be seen as ‘risks’ although they are very calculated. The only way to become a leader in your field is to take risks your competitors are unwilling to take. You have to become comfortable with uncertainty, and essentially become comfortable with being uncomfortable. But what comes with great risk is great reward. Read more>>

Ashley Bao | Beauty Business Owner & Former Respiratory Therapist

I quit working at the hospital in June 2020. This is probably the biggest risk I’ve ever taken in my life. We were in the depths of COVID 19 and healthcare workers – especially respiratory therapists were needed most during this time. I was helping intubate patients in the COVID ICU and the hospital I took a contract at was a COVID hospital. Nearly every patient there had COVID. I felt really scared of quitting because we were the only people who still had jobs. At the time 30 million people had lost their jobs and I was willingly quitting. I told myself to try really hard for 6 months, ideally one year. I knew I could work really hard in the hospital, so why couldn’t I work hard for myself? Read more>>

Caroline Singleton | Jacket Designer

I think that often times, not taking a risk, can be a bigger risk. The best things in my life have come from following that crazy idea and seeing what I can get away with. I wouldn’t know my husband if I didn’t leave him a note with my phone number at the restaurant where he worked. I wouldn’t live in the beautiful mountains of Crested Butte if I didn’t say screw it, let’s see what happens. It has always worked out for me to follow my heart. Read more>>

Jenn Price | Owner & Photographer

Taking risks can be incredibly scary. It took me a long time to face my fears and recognize that those fears were doing me a disservice. But life circumstances (a pandemic and loss of pay) combined with the realization that I may regret NOT trying to fulfill my dreams, gave me the gumption I needed to take the plunge. I often make decisions based on this single question alone, “Will I regret not doing this?” If the answer is yes, then the opportunity for personal growth has fallen into my lap, and it’s hard to not accept the challenge. Read more>>

Adriana Michima | Visual Artist and Photographer

I feel as though risks are very important and highly undervalued/ over feared. Fear is the main reason most people choose to play it safe. Fear of leaving the comfort zone. The thing is, it is only once we leave that comfort zone we can finally grow, learn, and lean toward new directions. While being creative is not always a decision, pursuing it as a career is absolutely a decision. I definitely feel like my initial decision to become a professional artist was a big risk financially. Read more>>

Crystina Evans | Founder of Mountain Jibe

I think risk taking is an essential part of being in business- and being a successful entrepreneur. Risk and failure should be two concepts we shouldn’t ever shy away from, because that is what makes us grow. sometimes we take risks and we succeed (yeah!) but other times we fail. and that’s ok. Because usually when we fail, that is a lesson we know we will only have to learn once. Read more>>

Dominique Christina | Award-winning poet, author, actor, and activist.

Risk is such an interesting word. A French word by birth first attested in the 17th century. It means to “run into danger.” In one way or another I have been doing that all my life. Not in some Hedonistic way. Not in some thrill-seeking way. But rather, taking risks cultivated a more powerful relationship with feeling afraid or uncertain in my experience. Most people don’t want to feel those things. I don’t want to feel them either to be honest but I am interested in trans ending those feelings. I am interested in knowing what my life looks like when I confront fear. And make a habit of it. That has assisted me my whole life. If I am at home with uncertainty or trepidation I move that way. And a fearless person is an unconquerable one. Read more>>