There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Cassie & Sam Willems | The Wooden Elephant

Customer relationships and customer satisfaction. Our number one goal is to create a product that we are proud of and that our clients love. We have seen that word of mouth and repeat clients are both huge contributing factors to our success and where most of our business comes from. Because our work is so custom we get to work closely with our clients to create a unique and special design. This also allows us to build relationships with our clients which has been incredible. We want to be a brand that people know and trust. We want the design process to be fun and to allow our clients to voice their opinions and make changes until they are completely happy with the design. We love that we are at a point in our business now where many of our clients trust us enough to give us full creative freedom with their piece, which opens up so many possibilities! Read more>>

Sarah Ortega | Owner & President, Sarah O. Jewelry

I think the most important factor behind the success of my company is the way we treat our customers by creating a warm and welcoming environment. When our customers walk in our door, we want them to feel welcomed, loved and celebrated – we believe that everyone that walks through their doors should feel included and loved no matter how they look, what they believe in or how much money they have. Read more>>

Eshan Vishwakarma | Founder of the Outspoken Narrative

The most important factor behind the success of the Outspoken Narrative is our capability to take risks. We are willing to change and adapt to meet industry standards and pave our way through filmmaking and the arts. We are also a completely online-based organization, thus allowing us to work with youth across the world. The fact that we are student-run comes with both benefits and challenges. We are able to redefine what it is believed that students are capable of but oftentimes, we are also the underdogs in the market. The work that the Outspoken Narrative is doing with nature documentaries hopes to redefine this situation. Read more>>

Zachary Bair | Audio Engineer & Freelance Creative

That’s a tough one because I believe it is a combination of two factors that make my brand. I believe one of the most important factors behind my brand and the fortunate success of it is the diversity in skill sets that it offers. By always staying diverse in my skillset, I am able to bring more to the table for every client. Need photos or video work taken care of? Done. Need audio post production or sound mixing on set? I’ve got it covered. Live sound mixing or production management? I’m your guy. I believe it helps to obtain as much knowledge as you can about as many subjects as you can, especially in today’s crazy job climate. It makes you a valuable resource for any client, especially if you get really good at said skills! You’ll be unstoppable. Read more>>

Kevin Lovegreen | Author and Speaker

I believe one of the most important factors to my success is determination. I never stopped pushing, learning, driving and creating. Read more>>

Greg Luczak | Principal Broker, Luczak Real Estate at Coldwell Banker Realty

In Real Estate, forming a cohesive Business Philosophy (and branding in accordance with this) is critical. As a brand, we strive for excellence. Many in the Real Estate Industry have gotten away from Marketing, Branding and Service because our Market has allowed for this- houses kind of sell, regardless of the Marketing or Quality of the home. This has caused a lot of bad habits being formed throughout the industry, in my opinion. Our Brand, Luczak Real Estate (at Coldwell Banker Realty), continues to add to our Marketing Platform every year. Read more>>

Tylor Berreth | BA Integrative Healthcare & Mycologist

The most important factor behind the success of our business is focusing on community. It is our belief that the community in which you are operating within and around is the most important thing to consider for a business like ours. How much our business will grow, or not, is a direct reflection of how we impact those that we are surrounded by. It is our goal to provide the local community and all those who play a part in it with fresh wholesome food, herbal medicines, and donation-based education. We source as much food as possible locally to support the surrounding rural communities. Read more>>

Ryan Humphries | Co-Owner and Head Coach at Axistence: Training For A Life Of Adventure

I believe that the most important factor behind the success of the Axistence brand has been the community who represents it. Sure, you have to have great programming and you have to deliver results, but the community (the members) is what ties it all together. Building a strong community isn’t necessarily an easy task. Like any relationship, you have to put in the work. I think a lot of people just expect to open a gym and for the community to create itself, but as an owner you really have to care about each and every one of your members. Read more>>

Leandra Rogers | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I think what excites me most about photography is capturing the personalities of my clients. I love people and I love sharing their most precious moments with them, and I am able to capture all of their joy and emotion as I strive to bring out the best in them. Photography is a powerful way to tell someone’s story, without words, or motion. It is a timeless record that can reflect a person’s character, allowing them to relive their most important moments, and telling stories for generations to come. So being able to capture that is an important skill for my business. Read more>>

Leah and William Hotop | Owners

Our measure of success is our ability to impact our community in a positive way. A coffee shop is a meeting place where people share their ideas, dreams, struggles and spend time with others. If we can be that place for them and they encourage others to join them then our goal is met and the rest follows. That being said there are many factors that go into being that place for people like a quality product, a comfortable atmosphere, and a friendly staff. In the few months we have been open, we have had the opportunity to do life with people from all different backgrounds that come in to get coffee. Read more>>

Cheyene Hudson | Boudoir Photographer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand has to be the transition from a basic photoshoot to developing an entire experience designed to leave each of my clients feeling empowered, refreshed, and as if they were treated to a day of luxury. At The Wild Side Boudoir you’re not just getting sexy photos. You’re getting the opportunity to pamper yourself, explore your sensuality and really fall in love with every curve, every beautiful imperfection in a tasteful way. I believe that loving your body, embracing the intimacy you share with yourself is a journey. A solo is the perfect way to begin or continue the journey self love. Celebrating others and helping them find that sense of pride in their appearance and sensuality is key to the work I do and seeing someone light up when they see just how beautiful they are through their own eyes is the best possible feeling. Read more>>

Stacie Wyatt | Yoga Teacher and Wellness Practitioner

I believe that the most important factor behind my success is the foundation of service I built from the beginning. I began my business with the mindset that serving others is the priority and I trusted that the profits would come. My mantra became–As long as I stay in the heart of service, I will always be provided for. When I first began offering adaptive yoga in my community, I did so as a volunteer. Knowing that the majority of people living with disabilities are on limited income, I knew that I needed to overlook the common practice of earning money for a service provided. Instead I chose to share yoga from the place in my heart that was not attached to an income. Read more>>