Deciding to start a business is an unusual decision. It’s often considered irrational and yet for many it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. So we asked folks to think back to when they were starting their businesses and to tell us about their decision making process.

Mark White | Founder and CEO of KCOS Digital Media

I have always been somewhat in the business of music, singing, photography, videography, booking bands at clubs, then being offered a radio show timeslot. It seemed to be a natural progression in spreading awareness of music in my local area. I attracted a couple of volunteer helpers. At almost two years in, we were doing a successful weekly interview and performance internet radio broadcast. Then, one partner brought in two new people, one was a software programmer who introduced our live streaming capability and the radio station was born. We also started doing live event streaming. Read more>>

Nicola Clarke | Founder & Artist

After being forced into lockdown at the start of the pandemic and losing my design job in San Francisco, I started doing illustration as a creative escape. I began where a lot of artists start – with pet portraits. After totally exhausting cats and dogs, I moved on to images that inspired me more – all things feminine. I‘ve always been enchanted with the female body probably due to having grown up surrounded by three sisters in South Africa. Read more>>

Nikki Lynch | Wood sign maker, creator

For years I’ve been trying to find my perfect niche. With a background in art, I tested the waters with many craft and hobbies to find what I would love. I found that many crafts I chose, although were fun, we’re just not what I could turn into a full time business. I had watched a high school friend Macey with Sweet Pine Designs grow a business creating amazing pieces of art out of wood. I was raised around tools so I thought why not create art with tools? Let’s try it! I was gifted my first Scrollsaw which changed my world and it was only the beginning. Being open only a year as The Cozy Grain Sign Co. I had never imagined all of the orders and work I’ve already been exposed to. Read more>>

Kat Gontaruk Joe Kalicki | Co-Owners

It’s an interesting story… our business was actually a Meetup group at first. The group was created to unite people to go to EDM shows together, with the mentality of “no one should have to go to a show alone”. We would have Meetups for all the major shows happening in Denver up until COVID started. It was that summer, a year after the group was founded, that we began to think of having our own show, and with that came the formulation of our business, Denver EDM Fam LLC. Read more>>

Dr. Kyle Willets | Dr. of Physical Therapy & Functional Medicine Practitioner

When the American Physical Therapy Association awarded me $5K for being a promising new PT they probably didn’t anticipate that I’d leave the profession 3 years later. As humans, the big leaps in life are inspired by either an attempt to avoid pain or pursue pleasure. To catalyze my business, it took both. Read more>>

Danette Hollowell | Artist, Musician, Community Leader, Business Owner, Mother

I had just been fired from a job and shortly found out I was pregnant. Over the years & as an artist with older children I had bounced around service industry jobs and played music to keep my family afloat. I knew that moving forward I wanted real financial stability that wasn’t dependent on another person ( a manager or boss) measuring my work. Read more>>

Frank Sinclair | Chief Encouragement Officer

The dropout rate among entrepreneurs is atrocious. I wanted to create a platform of coaching that could empower and encourage them forward and help them navigate the often discouraging road of business building. Inspired by my three executive level children I knew I could connect and inspire movement. Read more>>