Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Georgia Evans | Village Care Project helping people with clean safe drinking water and malaria prevention

“One village at a time” is my go to affirmation. There is so much going on in the world and so many people who need help that it can be overwhelming. For me, I have to think about smaller ways to have an impact. Several years ago I went on an African photo safari and one of the places we were going to stop and visit was a Massai village. I decided to take 2 large community size water filters and 50 individual water straws with me to help the villagers. I had seen and heard a good bit about people in Africa who have no access to clean safe drinking water. Women and girls often go long distances to collect water from ponds, streams, etc. and haul it back to their villages. It is almost always full of pathogens and bacteria that makes people chronically ill and unproductive. People cannot take care of their kids, go to work or school when they are sick. Some people also die. I knew I wasn’t saving the world but to the hundred or so people in that village these water filters were an amazing gift. Read more>>

Luna Skelton | Digital Painter and Freelance Artist

Something that has been both a personal mantra of mine and one that drives my progress and resilience as an artist and human is “I am better than I was, I will be better than I am.” I have no idea where I first heard it, but it’s something I’ve clung on to for a long time. Personal growth and doing better by yourself and others is something that means a lot to me.
It’s also driven me forward with my art – I’m no stranger to feeling discouraged about my art, looking at it and knowing I’m not as good as I want to be – but I’m better than I was, and I’ll keep getting better. It’s gotten me through periods of poor mental health, and it’s gotten me through rough patches creatively. It’s a reason to always keep going. Read more>>

Casey Jagoras | Interior Designer & Realtor

My favorite quote is “It’s never too late to be what you might have been” by George Eliot. There is so much freedom in knowing you can change directions at anytime, reinvent yourself, or go out on a limb and try something totally new. We only have this one life to live- so audit, critique and reinvent fearlessly. Read more>>

Tyler Bardzilowski | Artist/Musician

I heard this but keeps me grounded in a weird way. In an incredibly competitive business like music, there is endless supply for a certain amount of demand. You always want to do your best, and sometimes think your best should be good enough for ‘X”. More often than not though, it’s less a question of skill and more about accomplishment and personal preference. Keep working hard and for yourself first. People will come around when they want to. Read more>>