Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Josie Pearson | Creator- for the betterment of this Earth.

It started with traveling. My boyfriend and I are avid adventure seekers, escaping to a new place any chance we get. As we began to travel to places very new to us, I began to realize certain things. One of those most profound things is how absolutely beautiful our world is, but yet we don’t always treat it as so. This started to bother me and so a conversation began in my head that proceeded to an actual conversation with my boyfriend. Not only were we seeing places looking like a landfill itself, we too (Paul and I) seemed to be wasting so much more than we needed to. Read more>>

Juliana Carr | I am a crochet artist who loves rabbits, crocheting, the movie Tangled, and I am a homeschooled student.

My Mom taught me how to crochet the basic stitch and then I started watching YouTube videos for different stitches. I also got some books with crochet ideas, especially Kawaii crocheting, in which you add cute faces to different items. For me, crocheting started as a hobby, making fun items for friends and family. Then I contacted the Windsor Coffee Shop who gave me a shelf for two months and let me put my items in their shop. Since my time in the shop finished, I have continued doing many online orders via my Instagram account. Read more>>

Grace Perry | Content Creator, Blogger and Owner of Grace Perry Productions LLC

COVID-19 for me was a deep reflection into myself. I was working as a bartender in Marblehead, Massachusetts when the news broke that the virus was here and we were going into lockdown. I went from busy days and nights of waiting tables and pouring cocktails to stocking up on toilet paper and groceries like it was an apocalypse. I was without work and fortunately, given the free time to reflect on my life. I realized that my bartending job was like a poison to me. It had attacked and destroyed my creative motivation, energy and freedom to express myself. Yes, I was making money. But was I truly happy? I found myself in need of a creative outlet so I picked up my camera. I started to photograph portraits of myself and my sisters. I created a mini studio in the confines of my apartment. Read more>>

Stephen Early | Fine Artist

The idea of making a living off my artwork has always been a dream of mine. It was never clear how I’d make it happen until my wife and I were thinking of meaningful gift ideas for our friend’s engagement. With a week to go before their engagement party I decided to create a surprise portrait painting for them. That single painting sparked a flood of custom art requests and I have been busy creating for people ever since. The name Art From Early was heavily influenced by that experience. With so many artist brand names that put emphasis on their name itself, I felt that my inspiration came from creating gifts for people rather than just being a good artist and stamping my name on it. Read more>>

Xandra Hawes | Psychotherapist & Psychic-Medium

Soul Essence Center grew out of my awareness that we cannot live meaningful lives without bringing our full spiritual selves to the body, and our full, physical depths to our souls. As a psychotherapist, psychic-medium and energy healer, I teach my students how to heal trauma and access their source energy through simple energy medicine tools, so they can finally trust their intuition without overthinking it. My business began as an attempt to synthesize the years of education and experience I received in working in the mental health field, the healing arts and intuitive realms. After studying psychology, psychic-mediumship and various forms of shamanism, I realized each field was powerful in its’ own right, but became even stronger and more wholistic when they informed and supported one another. Read more>>