It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Chloe Andrews Goldberg | Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Wellness Coach

I always knew I wanted to work in the healthcare field; I grew up in a large family with a mom who was committed to providing us with the healthiest upbringing she could manage. Ultimately this was a combination of conventional pediatrician support, a fully organic diet that was supplemented with homegrown produce in the summer, and naturopathic therapies for anything that didn’t require antibiotics. This wider lens set me up as an adult to seek out alternative means of healthcare, and know that there are answers beyond the typical doctor’s office. Through my studies of a Health & Exercise Science undergraduate degree, a yoga teacher training, years working on a local farm, and 3 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, my fascination with the human body, mind, and spirit has only grown. The idea for my business is a simple one; a medical practice with the intention of helping people live their healthiest and happiest lives possible. Everyone I work with is unique and special in their own way, and therefore deserve their own individualized health care. Read more>>

Martha Weidmann | CEO & Co-founder, NINE Dot ARTS

Together, NINE dot ARTS co-founder Molly Casey and I knew that we had the industry knowledge to make our business work, and honestly, I needed a job. It was either NINE dot ARTS or work at Starbucks. NINE dot blossomed into the business we currently are because of our collective knowledge from previous experiences, and utilizing technology to scale our skills. Our success can be attributed to the resilience instilled in us by our predecessors and the consistent refinement of our approach and processes to meet the changing needs of our clients and the times. Remaining true to our core has made us both inclusive and cutting edge. Read more>>

Olivia Hamblin | Founder & Owner of Presence

The idea for my business came to me in a dream. The curious state between dreaming and waking up is a very sacred and creative space for me. It is almost as if my knowledge and intuition from reality meet up with the limitless potential and imagination from a dream. When they merge, I get a quick but potent glimpse of possibility. Over the years, I had been fortunate enough to meet many unique and heart-centered entrepreneurs in Colorado. And this particular dream awakened me to my own path of entrepreneurship. What if I were to build a collection of these entrepreneurs’ offerings in one online space? And not only as an e-commerce shop, but also as a gift registry! I could use the loving and cultural language of gifting to further share their talent with our community. Originally I imaged all kinds of tangible offerings, such as art and hand made items. However, I started remembering how much product and resources humans consume and how much this bothered me. In my heart, I knew I sustainability and minimalism were core personal values that I could not ignore within my business ventures. Read more>>

Elliott Clark | Founder/Personality of Apartment Bartender & Partner at Semi-decent Creative

When I started Apartment Bartender in 2015, I didn’t intend for it to be an actual business. It began as a hobby and passion for making cocktails at home. My love for photography grew alongside it, and this part of my business grew first. It took some time to really get a grasp on what Apartment Bartender was, what I wanted to do with it, and how I was going to generate consistent or predictable revenue. At the end of the day though, the idea to really make Apartment Bartender a boutique content hub for all things drink & the lifestyle that goes with it didn’t come until 2-3 years in. Read more>>

Aurora Leanos | Owner & Chef

One of the things that was harder for me while building my business, was coming up with a name and concept. I knew I wanted a food truck and that I am passionate about cooking. Beyond that , I was clueless. It took a couple of years of trial and error to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with my food truck. I grew up in a Mexican house hold watching my mom make tortillas and tamales, and with a little dough that my mom always gave me, I practiced making some beside her too. I wanted to bring back that joy I felt, and share those delicious creations with the world. Mexican cooking has been apart of my life since the beginning, and it the “secret” to all my skills in the kitchen. Coming up with a name that would showcase not only my Mexican heritage but also allow me to be flexible with my menu was important to me. I decided, La Guerita Food Truck was the perfect name for me! It’s who I am. La Guerita of the family and now of the food trucking industry. Read more>>

Jake Schell | Founder

I’ve played the drums for about 30 years. Like many drummers, I’ve spent a lot of time unable to play because of living in apartments, condo’s, or just not having enough space to set up. When I moved to Colorado, I spent the first 5 years without my drums and was always trying to think of a way to get my fix without shelling out $300 per month for a dark studio to put my drums in. Knowing that my conundrum wasn’t unique, I decided to approach it as a fix for the masses instead of just trying to solve the problem for myself. Read more>>

Bina Mehta | Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant, Author, Indian Chef, and Universal White Time Healer, Practitioner, and Teacher

The creation of my business is a story of one thing leading to another to another to another. Here it is. I’ve always been a passionate home chef who has enjoyed preparing authentic Indian cuisine as well as many other cuisines from all over the world. I love to nourish and nurture people with my food and share the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, which I grew up with. I started teaching cooking classes because of a demand from my friends, family, and acquaintances who wanted to learn how to make the Indian recipes I was serving to my own family. During the time I was teaching Indian cooking classes, my students kept asking me to create Indian spice blends that would make it easier for them to prepare my dishes so that they wouldn’t have to buy so many spices, some of which they were not able to find in their local grocery stores. That is when I decided to launch my Indian spice blend business. But my blends are not just spices thrown together; I put all of my Ayurvedic knowledge and experience into the creation of my spice blends to support a healthy lifestyle and diet. Read more>>

Sara Gunning | Podcast Host

When I was struggling with anxiety, depression, and feeling unmotivated I started consuming all the self-help and personal development content I could find. That meant podcasts, Instagram accounts, audiobooks, documentaries, all of it. I drowned myself in positive content until I started believing in myself a little more. Eventually, I started dreaming of what I really wanted my life to be like and came to the conclusion I wanted to build a business online somehow. I knew I wanted to connect with people and I knew I wanted it to be related the wellness and lifestyle. So, I tried to start a blog. Then I tried to make YouTube videos. Then I tried to grow an Instagram account. All of these things were close, but not quite right for me and I could feel it so I kept trying new things. Eventually, I tried podcasting and fell in love. It was exactly what I envisioned from the start. An online platform that allowed me to ask questions and provide value to others. Read more>>

Michelle Renee | Web Designer

My business idea came to me back in 2009 when I wanted to book a reservation at a restaurant for a special occasion and saw that quite a number of them did not yet have a website. This baffled me because I thought most businesses recognized the value of having a website. Without a website, I could not review their menu or their prices beforehand. This meant having to call each restaurant and have them read their menu to me… and I certainly did not like that idea! So I ended up choosing a restaurant that did have a website, while the others lost out on my business. I began to wonder, “What’s keeping these businesses from having a website?” I soon began to learn that a lot of business owners found the idea of building a website to be daunting and confusing and therefore were avoiding it, at a cost to their own success. It was then that I came up with the idea of offering streamlined website design that simplified the process, to keep it easy and affordable for business owners. My websites start at just $499, which is a huge break for small businesses that are on a budget. Read more>>