We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Chad Shryock | Tintype Photographer

When I discovered the wetplate collodion process back in 2015, I was amazed that there were only an estimated 1000 people worldwide using this photographic process. After I started to learn and perform the process, Read more>>

Sebastien Bicard | Destination wedding photographer

I came into wedding photography partially by accident, and partially through passion. I don’t believe someone wakes up one day and decides that she/he wants to be a wedding photographer, and that wasn’t the case for me either. Read more>>

Dannie | Sustainable Artist

Growing up, I thought the only way to survive in this life was by working a 9-5, living in a big house with a white picket fence. I thought the “American dream”, was the only dream. Once I entered high school, I began to become more aware of different ways to live. For example; van life, living off of the grid, living in a sailboat, living in a camper, ect. Read more>>

Jenalle Dion | Psychedelic Journal Creator

From selling lemonade on the street as a kid, to doing nails in my high school bedroom, to consulting people in holistic nutrition and lifestyle habits after college, to being a full-time freelancer, I’ve always felt drawn to entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Jess Haney | Certified Conversion Copywriter and Email Marketing Strategist

I never actually intended to start my own business. When I first got into the world of freelancing, I thought that it would just be a way for me to make some money online while traveling. Read more>>

Jess Beamer | Silversmith & Entrepreneur

When I was very young, my grandmother told me that I could be anything I wanted to be. That really resonated with me as a child, and even now as an adult. I purposefully chose not to pursue veterinary school, another dream of mine, Read more>>

Amanda Cadran Kevin Hogan | Co-Hosts and Producers

All That Jam podcast is the vision of Kevin Hogan, and me, his co-host. We are both very dedicated music fans who also have a lot of experience in the music media arena, either through other radio shows, print work, or online features. Read more>>

Steven Fuller | Owner/Head Brewer

I have seen so many businesses that say they are veteran owned or support veterans and most only offer lip service or small discounts to veterans. I felt much more could be done and have ever since opening the brewery strived to work with and support as many veteran non-profits and veteran services as possible. Read more>>

Lorica Hrubes | Self taught designer

My thought process to starting my own business started back in 2009. I coordinated my own wedding, from centerpieces to what food to cook. Also always having an inspiring muse as a child into adulthood, I’ve been actively creatively creating since. it’s allowed me to express myself as a artist, giving me the opportunity to connect with fellow artist. Read more>>

Denham | Artist/Songwriter

Honestly things kind of took a life of their own. There will come a point in time where you decide if a hobby is just a hobby or, if you want it to be something else! Read more>>

Jess Natale | Owner, So Informed

I began the So Informed page while volunteering for the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign. I felt, given the importance of that election, that information about pressing issues should be accessible to all people, regardless of their existing knowledge pertaining to politics. Read more>>

Daisy St Pierre | Tea room owner

There is something special about sipping tea. It can take you to a serenity moment even in the middle of a busy life. I love hosting and setting up a nice tea table for friends and family to come and spend a quality time together. I open this tea room with that idea in mind. Read more>>

Jeff Gibbs | Owner of El Squatcho Salsa

I’ve slowly started receiving several requests from family and friends for my salsa so I thought that maybe I should start trying to sell it and get it out there to more people, which has gone really well. Read more>>

Andrew Glowczewski | Illustrator & Animator

The thoughts leading up to my decision to start a sole proprietorship were spawned from my experience in the graphic design field, post-graduation. I had a few jobs working for Mom & Pop shops and realized I could only go as far as they were willing to let me go. How far they were willing to let me succeed and advance in life would never exceed their own as long as I worked under them. Read more>>

Heather Kegel | Ceramic Artist & Instructor

I knew from a very early age that I wanted to pursue a creative career. When looking at colleges, I focused on schools with strong art programs and settled on the University of Denver. As a high school senior, I had already started a portrait photography side gig and assumed my interests would lead me to a career as a photographer. Read more>>

John Wiley | Dojo-Cho/Chief Instructor

My wife and I moved to Colorado Springs from the DC area in 2015 where we both practiced Aikido for over 15 years. We practice Iwama Style Aikido, which is a style of Aikido that strives to remain true to the Aikido that O-Sensei, the creator of Aikido, developed. When we first moved here, Read more>>

Sasha Lukaszczyk | Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, & Female Entrepreneur

It’s commonly said that in your darkest moments is when you find your true purpose. That’s precisely what happened to me, what led to the formation of my health and wellness business, and what ultimately saved my life. Read more>>

Willa Wang | youth artist and entrepreneur

I have always loved to make art. In seventh grade, I had an incredible trip to South Africa where I saw the most amazing wildlife and community there. After coming back, I realized how fortunate I was to be able to see these animals in their natural habitat. Read more>>

Dr. Jasper Bartolome | Dentist, Entrepreneur and Influencer

I had previously been content working as an employee since it seemed to have a better work-life balance, was less risky and I didn’t want the added stress and responsibility of owning a business. I always strive to succeed in whatever I do and tend to be risk-averse for fear of failure. Read more>>