Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Nick Gill | Owner/Operator and Lead Therapist

The most important factor behind the success of myself and my staff is the passion to give a service that exceeds all expirations. We at Kb Wellness Center hold ourselves to a standard that is not necessarily a priority for small businesses these days. I have managed to organically acquire therapists from all walks of life that not only love what they do but strive for greatness and perfection within each treatment they perform. The success to any brand is building relationships that span past payment processing or writing checks. Read more>>

Frank Gallardo Jr. | Photographer

The most important factor behind our journey has been our passion for photography. I [Frank} started to fall in love with this profession in high school while taking a photography class; however, this class also made me realized that the root of it all had come from my dad. Growing up he was always capturing every moment whether it was my sister’s birthday party or a cousins’ Quinceañera. From that moment on I’ve always carried the vision of making memories last! Read more>>

Gregory Farah | Fine Art Dealer / Gallery Director

Relationships! Simply put, the relationships I have been able to foster and maintain between the amazingly creative Artits that I have the privilege to represent and the clients that appreciate and purchase their work. And a lot of times it’s not just the artists or the clients it’s other individuals on the periphery that open up many doors and avenues for not only my business but the other creative individuals I work with. Myself and my personality, I’m always stronger and working at a more optimum Force when I’m working in collaborating with others. Read more>>

JP Purkey | Personal Trainer

Honesty. Plain and simple. It doesn’t do anyone any good to promise or claim to know something if you actually don’t. The only thing I do promise to a prospective new client is that I will never BS them. If I were to tell them I can guarantee them success or that I know every question when in actuality I can’t or don’t, it would be the biggest disservice. I never want to appear as something I’m not. The only way to do that is admit when I don’t know something, refer out when I can’t help, or terminate a relationship because there isn’t enough value being brought to that individuals experience. People appreciate honesty and I got into this business because I like to help people. Read more>>

Matt Campbell | Artist and CEO of Actionline Studios

Consistency. Building a brand or a following is a marathon not a sprint. It takes time. The chances are slim that you will create something today and be a millionaire in a year or even 10 years. Consistently putting out quality content is what has made my brand stand out. When I first started there was a lot of competition and not many took notice of my work. When people see you are still going strong years later they take notice. A website takes time to work it’s way to top searches on google. An instagram takes time to build a following but if you are consistent people eventually come to expect that you will be delivering something new regularly and they are eager. Read more>>

Marissa Phipps | Model & Promoter

The most important factor behind my success is Determination. Determination is what keeps you going when everything is chalked up against you. Determination makes a way, when the way seems dark. Be determined to remain positive & you’ll make it through anything. Read more>>

Hanz Cortes | Engineer & Musician

To stay true to myself and my values as a human being. There have been challenging moments that required deciding between two paths: – One leading to very appealing outcomes or quick and easy success, but requiring me to “fit into the mold”, be someone else, or even compromise my values. The easy hike, if you will. – Another one leading to stunning results, clearly after tons of hard work and obvious delayed reward, but without the expectation to be some way or think differently to cater to anyone. The steep mountain, if you will. Needles to say, the strenuous trail that keeps you true to yourself has always been the most rewarding one, with the most beautiful views. Read more>>

Donna Ligon | Founder/Instructor, Bolder Pilates

Success, in and of itself, is an incredibly subjective term; my personal measure of success lies in relationship. Who do I choose to surround myself with, both professionally and personally? What is the community surrounding my business, and what am I hoping to create for them? So, for me, the most important factor in creating the successful Bolder Pilates community I have, is authenticity. Before I opened up my commercial space, I worked out of my home studio for 14 years. I loved the intimacy, and the serene and focused environment it provided for my clientele. I had always thought of opening up a studio outside of the house, but I couldn’t reconcile my need for this calm and familiar space within which to deeply connect to and help clients, with wanting to offer more community, more diversity of teaching, and more variety of equipment. I saw how big studios operated, and I thought they lacked that special, more boutique environment, often feeling, to me, more clinical. Read more>>

Rick Batenburg III | Chief Investment Officer, Cliintel Capital Management Group

The most crucial factor behind the success of CCMG’s cannabis concentrate brand The Clear™ is the people. The relationship between consumers and a brand is critical to building that brand, and consumer loyalty is what keeps them coming back regardless of which dispensary they walk into. Internally, working with people who resonate with our vision and align with our goals creates a culture where team members become family and feel empowered to take ownership of moving the company forward. Every person we work with, from investors to budtenders, is essential to the process. Honesty, reliability and integrity are necessary attributes to navigate the venture capital space successfully. The best business plan in the world is useless without a trustworthy, capable team to execute. Read more>>

Michael Koral | Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Salesman

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is that I both see and understand what needs to be done to make this business work. I know I have a great product and need to get it in front of as many people as possible whether that means going across to the Western Slope or North to Jackson Hole. I believe that if people have the opportunity to taste Seven Barrels and interact with either myself or my employees they will have an experience that makes them feel good about supporting a small business. Providing a tasting experience that allows people to feel comfortable with tasting any combination of EVOO and Balsamic is something we take pride in. We want everyone to at least taste the best balsamic they will ever have. Read more>>

Betty Yip | Board Certified Pediatric Dentist & Baker

The most important factor behind the success of Clover Kids Dentistry is authenticity. Our mission is to provide the most comfortable dental home for our young patients and their families so they can have a early start to a lifetime of healthy, bright smiles. We strive to deliver enjoyable and positive dental experiences for all who come through our doors. If parents inform us that their children are nervous or anxious about the visit or had previous unpleasant experiences, we go the extra mile to try to change that mindset. We ask the parents about their children’s hobbies, interests or favorite shows so that when they come in, we can chat with them about those topics and have their favorite show on. Read more>>

Nicki Seefried | Family and Couples Photographer

The factor that has helped me grow and achieve success with my photography more than anything else has been never settling for “good enough” and always striving to learn more. I am so grateful to have had the opportunities to pursue both formal and informal education to continue learning and growing as a a photographer. Throughout high school and college I took a few photography classes here and there and got familiar with the basics of photography. Then, around four years ago, my older sister (also a photographer, real estate agent, mom, and all around rockstar) told me about a free webinar for photographers that was focused on some basic shooting and editing techniques, which was led by Amy and Jordan Demos, a photographer/educator couple from Arizona. Read more>>