We had the good fortune of connecting with Cesar Soriano and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Cesar, Let’s talk about principles and values – what matters to you most?
I can not, in no way, shape, or form, work with someoneI cannot trust. Loyalty, and respect go hand-and-hand. you can’t have one without the other. It’s very hard to work with someone when you cant trust them. I had a situation several years ago when someone I knew, or I thought I knew , nearly jeopardized my job that I love, so I had to cut them off. completely. Blocked them from calls, texts, social media, and completely cut all t contact o them within minutes of the incident. I see them around to this day still, and still avoid them, watch what I say around them, and completely ignore them. Money is easier to build than trust. You can lose money and get it back quicker than you can lose trust and try to regain it.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
Currently, I am the Chief Genetics Officer at Dark Horse Genetics in Denver, Colorado. That is one of my proudest accomplishments, to date, but again, I remain as humble as possible because this can all go away faster that I acquired it.

I am most proud of my defined palate that I acquired from my college years as a culinary student. That then moved onto judging several High Times Magazine Cannabis Cups around the country, trying lots of new flavors. Defining my palate for years taught me to notice subtle aromas and flavors that are very feint, or most people wouldn’t know is there.

If it wasn’t for my New York attitude, hustle, and mindset, I don’t think I would have made it as far as I have currently. My blunt honesty, and stubbornness is something that works for and against be in some ways, but I get the respect I deserve because I say what I feel, and tell it how it is, regardless if you like it or not. it seems like people actually like being lied to, because when I tell the truth, and tell it how it is, it makes people uncomfortable, but we’re not always going to be in our comfort zone 100% of the time. I am not a “Yes Man”, and if you want that fro me, you will get the complete opposite. No one learns if everyone is being lied to.. if you cant tell me the truth, that means you can’ respect me, or my opinion. That is probably why I work well with Jason, the CEO and Founder of Dark Horse Genetics. I tell it how it is regardless if it would get me in trouble, or hurt his feelings. If it’s the truth, it is what it is even if you don’t want to hear. it.

I have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do with the time I have spent here in Colorado. These were the experiences I needed to go through to learn 1st hand, so I can take this knowledge to other places and let them know what to do and what not to do based off of my personal experience,. The good time were good, but I never expected the bad to be as bad as it turned out to be, I never wanted to go through those tough times, but hindsight is 20/20 so I can now handle those situations much better that I initially could. if they ever arise in the future..

I want the world to know that I have the potential to make something BIG in this cannabis community. I intend to leave my mark somewhere, somehow on this earth, or in the history books. What, when, where, why, and how might not be clear to me just yet, but once my wave starts, I hope everyone can see it coming. NYCeeds coming 2022 so definitely keep a look out for that!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I am not really familiar with too many things here in Denver. Don’t usually go out much. My main priority is work. and staying committed and focused to my end goal, which I think I can see in the distance.

In NYC? I can name several places. Central Park, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Statue of Liberty, the entire MTA Subway System, Coney Island, Downtown Brooklyn, Yankee Stadium, Chinatown, Little Italy,I can goon and on. There’s so many paces and things to do back home that I cant do here, I just choose not to go out because I feel like Im disappointed every time because I always try and compare something here to back in NYC. some stuff isn’t a comparison at all, In don’t do the outdoor stuff Colorado offers like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, that ain’t me. Couldn’t do it in NYC, and have no desire to do it in Colorado.. love to bike though. I was a big biker in my NYC weed courier days. The most I’ll do here in Denver is hang out with friends, I might go play top golf, go shoot at the gun range, go-karts, play cards, go to a movie, I don’t go to clubs, bars or parties here because of my higher expectations across the board. I will go to a concert if there’s a big name coming out here.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Shoutout to High Times Magazine for giving a person like me from NYC, a chance to show the cannabis world, and the world in general who I am, what I represent, and my passion for cannabis and the world around it through their platform. Working with High Times Magazine has opened so many doors for me inside and out of the cannabis world, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Shoutout to Dark Horse Genetics as well for taking a chance, and hiring me to work in the Colorado recreational market based off a good recommendation from a former employee. I started off as the Brand Ambassador of Dark Horse Genetics, running the instagram, now I’m head of the clone department, running a successful clone operation selling thousands of clones around the state, based off of my connections that I’ve built over the years, stemming from High Times. The turnaround rate for employee in the cannabis industry is pretty high, and I have been lucky enough to be working here at Dark Horse Genetics nearly 5 years.. I know people that get a new job every 3 months. in this world. I remain humble throughout all of this because it can all go away faster than I earned it. I have been lucky enough to work with my mentors over the years, so that makes it much easier to do what I already love..

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/?trk=nav_logo

Instagram: @THCaeczar718

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgwVKddgOEJkqDRSucAIABQ

Other: Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/XurQu3y

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