We had the good fortune of connecting with Joi Nicole and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Joi, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
“I was motivated to be different, because I was different.” – Donna Brazile

Blush by Joi Nicole, or BBJN, was established in 2010 by me, Joi Nicole. Five years ago I started making my own jewelry. I began doing so, mainly because I wanted accessories that incorporated my unique sense of style, and that ultimately reflected who I am, inside and out; a west-coast girl, with an east coast attitude.

I remember being on a stroll through the big apple, vibing along, with my head phones blaring Alicia Keys, It was in that moment and the many others like it, all now memories, that I found me. I was young, beginning to hunger for the experiences of life, seeking my individuality, and through determination to find my happiness and the experiences, Blush was born.

Despite being young and being a “Girl on Fire,” I did for a moment lose touch with my hunger. For sometime, I found myself working for others. I was doing what was expected and not what made me happy.

Creating made me happy! Manufacturing new ideas that evolved from simply being a proposition, blended with some color, shapes and texture, into wonderful pieces of art, to be displayed with whatever outfit for that day… It all began with a thought… Buttons!

I imagined what it would be like to have buttons as earrings. Such an ordinary thing, yet an extraordinary idea! I spent countless days scouring high and low for unique buttons. Buttons so unique, that when using them to make button earrings, they are exclusive. Hand made with love and attention to detail, I create my own accessories. I now yearn to share that creation with the world.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
What sets me apart from the rest? I am one-of-a-kind! The world needs someone like Joi Nicole; but there is only one Joi Nicole. I am weird, quirky, and spontaneous! I embrace those traits not as social challenges, but as what makes me, me!
Getting to where I am today was not easy at all! I have experienced job loss, the crippling and recent loss of my dear grandmother, and I have grown through interpersonal battles so challenging that they rocked the very foundation of my life. I have had moments that I questioned and second guessed everything and every idea I have had, in a fog of tears and fear. I have triumphed over self doubt and denial of my greatness on my own behalf. Having no choice but to live and learn in those moments, I essentially made it ‘through.’ I have come to recognize and accept those very moments as what defines me. Growing pains – experiences of adversity with value for character development. This is what I want the world to know about BBJN. From those moments, I rose, like a Phoenix from the ashes!

I pushed through the adversity I faced. I found it in me to fight when faced with hardships! I was determined to win no matter what! I yearned to prove, not to myself, but to the world, that I am Joi Nicole!

My journey is not without error or faults of my own. I didn’t always make the best decisions. Some of my poorly made choices resulted in me hurting others, or set me back to a place that I worked tirelessly to surpass. In efforts to recover from the setback, I found myself asking for the one thing in this world no one can get back; time.

It was those moments and the lessons learned that are my story. Beyond just learning the lessons, I have applied what I know now to how I live.

“People will always remember how you make them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Girllllll we are out!!!!

Fun is best experienced with adventure, friends, and food!

It’s Sunday-Funday, so we MUST start our day with brunch at The Bacon Social House off Broadway in Denver! They have the most intriguing variety of bacon flavors! From french toast bacon to molé bacon, our taste buds will never know what hit them! Nom Nom Nom!!! From there, we would take a stroll down Broadway to one of my all time favorite shopping venues, ‘Decade Gifts.’ Decade gifts is a cute boutique with vintage and trendy items! Certainly a hidden gem in the mile high! We can grab a piece of centric art to spice up our living quarters, and collect a souvenir!

If you are in Colorado and you don’t hike, were you even really in Colorado?!? We can scurry on down to Lair o’ the Bear trail. It is about 19 miles outside of Morrison, CO, and 30- 45 minutes from the metropolitan area. Here, we can meet tranquility, with breath taking views, endless scenery, and nature in its purest form.

Such an adventure will without a doubt, gear us up for lunch! We can head back in town to Slater’s 50/50. They have THE best burgers in Denver! What is a burger with no brew? Denver is home to a variety of unique breweries that serve IPA’s and more!

From there, we can hop on down Colfax and see what others may not. With ageless taverns such as ‘The Owl Saloon,’ ‘Sanchos Broken Arrow,’ and ‘Atomic Cowboy,’ fun is just a frolic away!

Late nights always give us early mornings and phenomenal stories! No good story starts with someone eating a salad! Our memoir will be written starting with Pete’s Kitchen and the classic green chili breakfast burrito.

Oh what a day!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My best friend, of 38 years, passed away a little over a year ago. Ruth Rhodes, my beautiful and loving, my everything, my grandmother. She encouraged me, and believed in me when I wanted to give up. She listened to all of my hair brain ideas with unconditional support and encouragement. Her passing lit a fire in me, while simultaneously being the worst pain I have felt. Some days I still feel that pain, and it is my motivation to keep going, as I know that is what she would’ve wanted! Not sure if it was from the pain of missing her, or simply needing to create; whatever it was, it was a new beginning. Blush seemed to be given a new life with my grandmother being gone. In a way, through Blush, she lives!

My wife. My rock. My pea in a pod. She has supported me throughout this journey. She has held my hand when it was difficult, she listened when I cried, she was there to do a little shuffle during the wins! I always feel like grandma brought my Shunny Pooh to me because she knew life was going to be tough. She knew I was going to have challenges. For them, I am grateful.

My family. My ultimate support system. With their love and encouragement, I know I can concur the world. On days when the world isn’t so nice, I also have a place to run. For being my peace and guide through it all, I thank them.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blushbyjoinicole/?utm_medium=copy_link

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Other: Etsy page link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlushbyJoiNicole

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